Monday, February 17, 2014

Kirkland smells sooo goood!

After a visit to Joann for some much needed yarn, we decided to stop by Barnes and Nobles for a cup of joe but right next to it Jamie decided to go inside Kirkland's.  As soon as I entered I couldn't help but notice the beautiful soothing scented aromas that enveloped inside the store.  I couldn't but to remind my self verbally that it smells really wonderful in here.  Only after I repeated myself several times is when I noticed how taken I was by the scented aromas.  I had to find out what was causing this store wonderful scent.  And there there were.  Sachet bags of wild flowers, herbs and scented oils.  I had to grab a couple just to try them out.  I wanted to bring that scent home.

after we stop by Barnes and Noble to have a white cappuccino and cheesecake 

browse some books before making our decision of buying.

this is what I bought at Kirkland.  I'm going to add some potpourri  

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