Friday, May 17, 2013

Updates on my tomato garden

Yes, tomatoes garden.  I didn't plant anything else, because I'm really not confident enough on my gardening skills.  So I wanted to experiment and see what happened these plants before I do more gardening.   Besides I'm on a budget.  and I really did try not to spend too much.

I finally decided a permanent area for my garden.  I have this "eye sore" link fence in front of my yard and thought that it is the perfect place for the tomato plant because the plant can use the fence to support itself.  

After googleing urban gardens, I also decided to use cinder blocks as potting containers. 
they are much cheaper than these red potting containers and because they have no bottoms, the roots can continue to grow. and if my tomato plants gets any taller, I can add another cinder blocks right on top of it.  unlike any other plants, tomato plants will grow roots, if you cover their stem.

as you can see the tomatoes are starting to bear fruits.  yeah...!!!!

baby tomato fruits.

cinder block container for tomato plants.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weird Dream

Had a weird dream last night.  I had a dream that I was in the Philippines, with my laptop bag and purse.  and as I looked out the window, in the far view, was a brewing tornadoes, it was so beautiful, I wasn't really afraid more like fascinated.  So I ran out the door, grab my camera and snap a few photos of this whirlwind of tornadoes.  The sky was unbelievable.  Maybe I can take my time and paint it one day, so you guys can have a visualization of my dream.  Anyway, I ran back in the house, looking for a safe spot, but it was not enough time, so I quickly grabbed my bag and laid as flat as I could on the ground.  In panicked I asked everyone to find a safe hiding place.  But my grandmother quickly dismissed it and said, it's not going to hurt you and just continue to walk away with not a care in the world demeanor, which I found strange.  But headed to a closet like room anyway, to attempt my safety.  And when the tornadoes, past, I was so amazed by the experienced of capturing one and quickly wanted to share my photos.  And there they were in my digital camera, photos of tornadoes in the making.  then I awoke.   weird...

and even weirder, the other day, I dreamed of my dogs, that I love soo much.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dandelions are very good for your health benefits

I did some research today and found out that Dandelions are actually good for you.  I had a friend who use to walk around the field and would snatch some Dandelions and mint leaves.  and she would make tea with dandelions flowers and leaves.  And today I got in a conversation with a friend about it and decided to look up the health benefits of dandelions and omg they are very good for you.

here's the link below

I find it very disturbing that they actually invented a product to target dandelion plants.  That's some crazy shit!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Must have tripod for traveling techies

I thought that I had to carry the oversize and overweight tripod for point and click digital camera.  Until I found the Gorilla Tripod.  I bought a small one and a larger one.  
They are perfect for my "over the dresser studio" that I use often to take photos of my etsy goods.

I have this dresser next to a window, and that's the only lighting I use for my studio, natural light.  and I recycled this bottle of wine as a vase for my bamboo plant and it holds my poster size white paper board as my backdrop.  and on the other side I use my desktop lamp.

Here is my small gorilla tripod with my sony cybershot digital camera.

This is my the gorilla tripod is a must for travelling techies.  It comes very handy and can be easily attached on branch or anything it can wrap its three legs with.

Here I'm showing the larger tripod

comparison between the small and large tripod

Sony Cybershot, charging and battery, with my sony card reader.

you can easily attach and detached your camera to the tripod with one click and simply slide out.  

without the attachment 

push the circular to release the camera from tripod

the attachment on the tripod

Beginning a healthier diet

After getting my tooth pulled out, I started a healthier diet.  No more sodas.  and my breakfast is now a vegetable and fruit smoothie.  I didn't want to juice vegetable and fruit, instead I blend them all together to create a smoothie like drink.

plenty of spinach, some baby carrots, one stick of celery, banana and frozen berries.
the perfect smoothie, not just juice.  So you're getting all the fiber.

Got my Tooth pulled out

This was the first time I got my tooth pulled out by a dentist.  The pain was just unbearable.  So on April 23rd, 2013, got my tooth pulled out by Kool Smiles Dentist.  She was quick and precise and very confident on her job.  She literally was running from patient to patient that day.  I guess they just had too many people schedules, but I really wanted my tooth pulled.  So after over an hour waiting, it was my time, the dentist numb my mouth and pulled the sucka out.

when the dentist left, I asked her assistant to let me keep my tooth.  she made me promised not to say anything.  and here it is.

as you can see I had a filling on my tooth.  You can see where the abscess on the side and I guess that's what was causing my tooth ache. 

here you can see the abscess real good. yuck!

Thanks to Kool Smiles got my tooth pulled out for $75 dollars.

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