Friday, February 26, 2010

Vinyl Letter

Hewwww....!!!! Finally! My first attempt of using my van for advertising is completed.  I couldn't wait to apply the viny lettering to my van.  It only cost me $25.00 but I had to apply it myself with a big help of a friend.  Actually he applied it, cause I was too scary to mess it up.  I was emotionally out of control.  My anticipation took over me.  But due to his perfectionism, it came out ok.  It's kinda uneven but who cares.  It's sooo looud and you can see it a mile a way, which is exactly what I wanted. 

Now I got to work on the window beside it and the other side of the van.  Plus the spare tire cover.  I will take photos later and upload it.  But the actual signage graphics is the above. 

Love it !!! Love it!!! Love it!!!  It's exactly what I need to take my business to the next level. 

more photos

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wolverine, the Movie

X-Men Origins, Wolverine, the Movie
Love this movie.  There's no way they could have found a better actor other than Hugh Jackman to play the part of Wolverine.  I love him.  He is so sexy and truly emcompasses the role of wolverine.  Specially when he was running naked to the barn house. 

This movie has it all.  It has comedy, love story, full of action, superheroes and villain.  I love how they started the movie.  The beginning must have took so much time to create.  Just the introduction of the movie, gives you an insight of how wolverine and sabertooth came about.  I almost forgot that wolverine had a brother.  They should have a part two.  Definitely a part two.

Even Liev Schribier fit the role of Sabertooth.  I didn't even know he could act like that.  He really played the role Sabertooth.  and I love how in the end he saved his little brother.    Definitely a must watch on my list. 

Another great movie for $1 from the REDBOX.  I'm so addicted.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Longing for Savannah

Even the name Savannah, lazy and sumptuous as Bourbon bread pudding from Back in the Day Bakery, evokes a shared sigh. Wander afoot upon cobblestone streets to explore the 21 squares, pocket parks and antebellum architecture, a city so splendid Gen. Sherman doused his torch rather than set it aflame. Visitors and locals alike navigate the labyrinthine City Market in the Historic District where couples gather fresh produce and flowers before sauntering along River Street or scooting to Tybee Island to settle into their afternoon repast. This is a city best explored at night, as any student of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" will readily tell you. Let the new myths begin.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tom Hill Sr. Blvd

I just had to blog.  Nothing really to say.  But today we decided to go to Tmobile store to purchase my daughter's G1 phone.  OMG its $369.00 but she's paying for it.  Since she wasn't qualify for a contract phone, she paid over $450 for a new phone and one month of service which includes 500 minutes and unlimited text and web.  The phone is really cool but frankly I wouldn't pay that much just for a phone.  But I can tell she really likes it. 

Afterwards, we got gas for the van and ate at Taco Bell and headed back towards Dollar General. I really needed to purchase some scotch tape.  I knew the Dollar store would have them for $1. 

Chocolate covered almonds

I'm officially addicted to Dove's chocolate covered almonds.  I especially love the cinammon dusted chocolate covered almonds.  Ferrero is no longer my favorite chocolate.  Did I mention that you can purchase these delicious chocolate online at  For all you chocolate lovers, these Dove chocolate are definitely a must to try.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Driveless HP Laptop

Found this great HP Laptop at Walmart for only $498.00 It has 4GB for memory and 500GB for space.  The battery last up to 5 hours, it states.  The drawback is it doesn't have a DVD or CD player or burner.  But the power is perfect for me and the price.  Thinking about purchasing.  Its definitely on my wishlist.  The only thing that concerns me is, is the screen big enough for work. 

The size is definitely perfect for traveling and the lithium battery is perfect for those long trip.  Its a plus for the traveling techies.
 HP 13.3" Pavilion dm3-1039wm Laptop PC with AMD Athlon Neo Processor & Windows 7 Home Premium

1842 Inn Bed & Breakfast

The one and only Bed and Breakfast place in Macon Georgia.  The 1842 Inn is a Victorian Style mansion located on College Street in the downtown Macon.  This is Oprah's choice of stay in Macon.  I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the room she slept in.  But maybe next time.  1842 Inn is not for Bed & Breakfast.  They also host several types of events, such as wedding, anniversaries, family reunions and such.  They are also coming up with a $5,000 package for weddings.  You can have your wedding at 1842 Inn and for $5,000, You can get married here, stay for the weekend in the 10 bedrooms cottage, a house all to your own.  They provide breakfast and catering.  Hopefully it also will include photography in this wedding package.  Yep, you heard it here first.  I think its a great deal and a wonderful package and a memorable place to have your wedding.

These individual size jelly jar for your toast or bagels are one of kind.

Lady T and

On the porch overlooking the back yard of 1842 Inn and the entrance to cottage house with 10 bedrooms.

Even the restroom are furnish with Victorian style decor.

thats me.  gosh I have to loose weight. lol


view of the backhosue cottage

rearview of the 1842 Inn

Lemmon Pepper

What is it about this 10 pc lemmon pepper chicken wings.  I have become a fan of American Deli for the past couple of months.  I've ordered this meal several times and now it is time to end it.  My summer diet is about to begin.  After a couple of months of being carnivour, my vegetarian and low carb diet is about to begin.  So so long lemmon pepper and hot wings with a side order of fries that are actually better than McDonalds or Burger King.  This $7.40 something meal will no longer be in my budget any longer. 

Crazy about my Ferrero

Whenever I'm feeling bad, my Ferrero never lets me down.  He's perfectly sweet, with a hard shell but will melt in your mouth with one bite.  Inside you'll find a nut thats waiting for you to sink your teeth in.  Yes my Ferrero Rocher...  I'm always thinking about unwrapping him from that golden cover.  lol

Lyrical Foreplay with Royce

I really enjoyed my Valentine Day or should I say my Valentine evening.  It was filled with food, fun, friends and laughter. Had a chance to really meet Royce and had no idea he was very talented and goodlooking.  I don't know how I never paid attention to him like that before or maybe it was his Lyrical Foreplay. 

Luella's really showed out.  I was very impressed with the ambience, the food, the entertainment, and the service.  So I had my flower, my champagne, my chocolate, and my oh big teddy bear all the way from Germany, which I really wanted to cuddle with that evening but I was too drunk with so much fun and I didn't want to ruin it. 

With enough excitement to last 'till our next trip.  Hopefully next year, I'll return with my true love.

Roses and Chocolate awaited for us.

Salad topped with fine chopped almonds with sweet raspeberry dressing

Seafood pasta with scruptous shrimp, it was ooohhhh soooo gooood.

Chocolate cake for aphrodisiac to really get you in the mood.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day after it snowed

Woke up around 10-11 am today.  and noticed it was real bright outside.  I hurried up and put on my robe, grabbed my camera and headed for the front door.  As I stepped outside, it seems like it was still snowing and I look up and saw where the snow is coming from.  Its coming from the trees.  The snow is falling so beautifully.  Had to snap some pictures.  Enjoy.

Macon turns white before it turns pink.

February 13, 2010 Macon Georgia Snowy Days

Friday, February 12, 2010

It Snows in Macon Georgia

I don't know how long this snow is going to last.  But it has been snowing since 2:00pm-3:00pm since this afternoon.  It is 6:00 pm and the snow continues to come down ever so gracefully.  I guess before Macon Georgia turns Pink this year, we must have a blanket of white snow. 

It looks like its winter wonderland outside.  This is the second year in the row Macon get snow.  It would have been lovely if it arrives just a bit sooner, like on Christmas.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pandisal for Dinner

My brother Dave brought two bags of my favorite Filipino treats, Pandisal.  I remember me and my apo Sindang would take a long walk early in the weee morning before sun rise to this bakery in the Philippines.   I I remember the long lines of people outside waiting for their fresh and hot pandisal.  and inside this bakery was this flaming pizza style brick oven, but wasn't mad out of brick, more like a small cave.  They would have these long shovel like to bake these breads.   It's amazing how the scent and taste  of food also takes you back in time. 

Pandisal are Filipino bread.  Usually eaten with a hot cup of coffee and often dipped in it. 

I make mind with cheese. and a few minutes in the ove.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dalton & Jolissa

My youngest brother Dalton is having his first born with his beautiful girlfriend from Guam, Jolissa.  Jolissa seems to be a very nice, go a lot of sense, young girl.  I think they are perfect for each other.  I think my brother is a genius and just don't know his potential as of yet.  But I can definitely see greatness in him.  I hope that big head of his is not empty.  lol.  Gotta to start shopping or maybe just send them money to help with bills. 

My printers

The past year I bought over six printers and each have specific jobs.

Love this printer.   This is printer is made by BROTHER.  The model is HL 2170W this printer have wireless capability.  But that is not why I love this printer.  I purchased this printer at Office Depot for less than $100.00.  I have seen this on sale several times for about $60-70 dollars and less.  The toner cartridges are sold around $60-70 dollars and can print up 2000 pages, depends on the content of your documents.  But what I love about this printer is after using your startup cartridge, buy yourself a brand new cartrdige and spend about $50-$70 and then you can purchase the refill kit at for around $30-35 plus shipping and it will refill your cartridge easily four times.  What a humongous savings!!!  The print quality is the bomb.  You'll love it and the major savings.   This printer definitely get 10 stars out of 5 for:  affordability, spacer saver, and money savings. So if you do a long of black and white printing like I do, then this printer is definitely for you. 

Printer BROTHER MFC-5460cn
This printer, I don't use for printing but just for scanning.  The quality of the scan images are so much better.  Bought this printer at Office Depot onsale  for around $25.00 and my boyfriend bought two and gave me one. 

HP Photosmart D5360
The only thing I really use this printer for is for CD and DVD printing. the ink cartridge are very inexpensive.  You can get a set of black/white and color cartridge for less than $35.00

HP LaserJet P1006
I was fooled to buying this printer.  I should have research and read a little more of the specification online before purchasing.  But what I do like about this printer is its size.  Very small.  perfect for small home office and not a lot of desktop space needed.  What made me keep this printer is the quality output is actually really really good.  The price is very affordable.  I paid $99 at Bestbuy.  The downside is I thought it print duplex, meaning front and back.  But it only prints one side at a time.  I found some refill kit on for it. I still haven't figure out how to refill it.  I'm planning on going through Youtube for "how to".

I have two more printers but they are inside the closet right now and don't feel like doing reviews.  One of them is an older version of my brother laser printer.  The other one is very expensive desktop printer Epson.  It prints 11x17 and have very high quality output.  and it print CDs and DVDs also.  But I mainly use i for T-shirt printing.

Jamie's Apartment

Gave Jamie furniture for her apartment.  Bought these chairs from craigslist and they were green.  They are made out of Bamboo wood and I painted them black to make them look like they are a set.  Except for her papasan, I left the color natural.  The coffee table is actually two end table slide together and I also gave 'em a fresh coat of black paint.  Bought the rectangular, framed mirror on the wall, at Ross retail outlet to help complete the room for under $30.00  I reupholstered the chair with a $1 per yard materials from Walmart.  They turned out pretty good. 

I also gave her these two bookshelves and placed a desk in between them.  She's planning to purchase a big flat screen TV to place on top of it. 

We just need to work on her bedroom now and kitchen.  But she wants to her dining area in the kitchen as a study nook.  Since she always eat in front of the TV in her bedroom anyway. 

Dave and Chelsea's visits

Luv his black Mustang GT convertible.  Had to get a shot of it with him.

My brother Dave and his daughter Chelsea just left us few minutes ago and headed back to Jacksonville, FL.  It was nice to for them to visit as I rarely get visits from family since I am about 300 miles away here in Macon Georgia.  They stayed overnight and I had a chance to talk about a lot of things and I gave him some photos I have of Mom's and Dalton's trip to Phillippines.  But what he love the most were some of the old photos I have. 

Chelsea, Dave and Me

Chelsea, Dave and Jamie

Chelsea also had a chance to visit an online gaming friend of her and spent a night, which I'm not comfortable with.  But her father trust her even though he couldn't hardly sleep thinking about her.  She said she wants to be an astronomer.  That's beautiful, I also love astronomy.  and I must say even the 3 Wisemen in the bible were star gazers.  I think our future is definitely headed for the stars and astronomy is a great field to be in.  I want to plan a visit to Cape Canavral in Florida, to watch atleast, a take off and maybe enter a non gravity field.  That would be awesome.

My brother Dave is lucky to have such a beautiful family. 

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