Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip to New Orleans

First, I would like to give thanks to  for giving major discounts.  By booking my trip weeks ahead, I was able to purchase the tickets online for $10 round trip each.  So for my daughter and I, I only paid $20 for our bus fair.  That left me with spending money.  Yeah!!!

River Walk @ New Orleans

Sunrise at the River walk

Street Car headed to Cemeteries on Canal Street

Cemeteries in New Orleans

Breakfast @ The Ruby Slipper Cafe in New Orleans

3 Little Pigs

St. Charles Royal Hotel

The Bed were awesome

French Quarter @ New Orleans

waiting for food

Taste of New Orleans

met Tina from Mobile Alabama, hey girl!

inside the Troley

plenty of art galleries at the French Quarter

I wish they were close.  I love the crochet wear.

all kinds of wheels shares the Rd

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