Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My selfies

My adsense residual from blogging are getting lower each month.
and I think due to me using other social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook lately
Now I realized spending time on those other social media sites is a waste of time and money.
So I am going to try to post more here in my blogs.
So here are my selfies

Beware of fake usb flash drives from ebay

I bought a couple of 32gb usb flash drive from ebay.  I needed to back up some important files and free space in my desktop computer.  I also bought a 1TB portable hardrive, also from ebay.

But what led me to my searches regarding fake usb and sd cards, is I noticed that I have more than a couple of 16 and 32gb micro sd cards and they don't work.  and seems to last me only a couple of days.  So I decided to go to YouTube and see if there are any reviews on sd cards and usb flash drives from ebay.  and to my shock, I found out that there are more than plenty of people that are having the same issues I have and eventually led me to the fact that these media storage devices that I've been buying from ebay for dirt cheap are not exactly how they are advertised as.  

If you think that it's a good deal, and might be too good to be true, you might want to listen to your instinct and DON'T BUY THEM!  It will save lots of headache, time and money.  

Ques:  What ebay sellers sells fake usb drives and fake sd cards?

Ans:  There are plenty.  But here are the two that I purchased from and tested both devices and the test results confirmed that they are fake?  Posting as 32GB but are actually 2 and 4gb flash drives

ebay seller a4c

ebay seller victoryduanshop
also sells fake usb flash drives

Maybe these sellers didn't know these storage media are fake or their firmware have been hacked.  They probably don't know these because they dont' test their's products validity.  Because of their low prices, thousands are attracted to them and don't spend a lot of energy after realizing that their disks no longer work.  

The thing is, these disk do work, but if you keep trying to copy files beyond their capacity, because you think they can contain more, the disks crashes and the next thing you know, they are no longer recognized by your computer or your can't computer gets an error message trying to read the device.  

Anyway, if you encounter the same issues, please post the ebay user name in the comment box below.  

oh, I did mentioned in the beginning that I also bought a WD 1tb hardrive and those also do the job and never had any problems with them.

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