Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life List

One of my blog readers had a page specifically for her life list.  I was inspired to create my own. I guessed as I remember things, I will update this page.
  1. Lived with my auntie Deli and her family at their farm house at a young age of 9 or 10 during a summer.
  2. Lost my brother Dave in our trip to Manila in Philippines and I had to chase down a bus to find to him. 
  3. I swam in a swimming in Bangio Phillipines filled with water from a water falls.
  4. Almost drowned in a swimming pool in Manilla Philippines that was only 3 feet deep.
  5. Got stranded and lost in Chicago airport.
  6. Won a turkey on a dance tournament in Piccadilly
  7. Won a trophy for artist of the year in high school.
  8. Had a 9lb. 19 in. baby girl at the age of 17 years old.
  9. Worked for Dr. York for several years.
  10. Published my own books "Houses of Worship" and a "Nuwaubian Memoir".
  11. Been homeless and stayed in a homeless shelter.
  12. Slept in my car.
  13. Fell in love.
  14. Owned and Operated a magazine.
  15. saved my cousin Rowena from drowning in a swimming pool.
  16. Beat up a boy with a baseball bat in school.  Come to find he was just teasing me cause he liked me.
  17. Been on a cover of a newspaper twice. 
  18. Studied WinChung Kungfu
  19. Met William Chueng a Wing Chung GrandMaster and student of Yip Man.
  20. Went to jail for beating up three girls who jumped me.
  21. Been on probation.
  22. Experienced a man on a bicycle getting hit with an 18 wheeler truck.
  23. I am photographer, graphic artist/website designer, beaded jewelry designer, painter, seamstress.
  24. I lived with two pitbulls

still working on the rest.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Great Shelving Unit from Walmart

I wanted a shelving unit for my home office to house all of my desktop printers, office supplies and other stuff.  I decided to try these plastic bookshelves from Walmart.  After reading the reviews from,  I bought one.  They are suppose to be heavy duty plastic shelving units.  and I needed a shelving unit that will house my Epson Stylus Photo 1400 printer, which prints poster size paper.  So I needed the shelving unit to have a longer width to house this particular printer.  I am very impressed with the shelving unit that I purchase two more.  My mistake was not knowing that they can actually connect together to form one piece.  I didn't know that 'till my daughter noticed.  But anyway below are pictures.  and they are only $19.00 or so.

I quickly filled up my 5 tier shelving units with office supplies, tools and printers.  If I would have known sooner, I would have connected them to end up just one piece.  So they wouldn't wobble.  But trust me, they are very hefty and can hold stuff.  

As you can see my  5 tier shelving unit from Walmart, holds plenty of my stuff.  7 printers, two YourStory book binding laminating machine,  6 hot pink stackable storage boxes, and whole lots of stuff.  It was a good decision to get these low budget shelving unit from Walmart. 

I added a small one drawer desk in front of my bookshelves for easy access to the printers, I often uses.

Why is my puppy loosing hair?

My 14 weeks old puppy is loosing her hair around her face and forehead area.  At first, I wasn't worried about it but now it seems to have gotten worst in a week.  I searched the web looking for answer and they said it could be cause by many things such as:  stress, flea medication, diet, or the worst some kind of disease or it could be some kind of flea infestation allergy.  So it could be any of those and what do most recommend?  Take the puppy to a vet.   and I don't have money for a vet visit.  So I'm going to try to change her diet and carefully monitor her outside scavenging activity.  So if any of you might know why my Pitbull puppy is loosing her hair or fur please reply to this blog.  Much Thanks

Puppy Hair Lost

Why have more than one dog or puppy?

First of all, I didn't even want a puppy much less two of them.  Toot, my Pit Bull puppy has been with us now for over two months.  Since she was just 4 to 5 weeks old.  I remember when she just wanted to stay in one corner of the front porch room and didn't want to enter any doors.  But now after 2 months or so, she's everywhere I'm at.  She follows me room to room and have learned to jumped on the couch and my bed and lay down.  She likes to take a hold of my feet and ankle and so we decided that she needs a companion.  Another puppy.  Instead of getting another puppy from elsewhere, my daughter and her boyfriend decided to pick up her sister.  Well her sister have been living in the backyard with both of her parents and a brother. 
Suprisingly, she is very gentle, calm and really sweet.  She's been with us now for a week or so and we just love her so much.  She is totally the opposite of Toot.  Toot still have some sharing issues, but atleast she stop harassing my feet and ankles and often plays with her sister Roxie.

Had to take Roxie and Too to Petsmart for grooming.  Specially Roxie, she's been living in a backyard before her move to our house.  So she's full of fleas.  Hopefully this bath and nail trim will take care of them.  $10 per dog for a bath.  They both smells like vanilla an hour and half later.

We let them get to know each other outside while playing.

Toot treats Roxie as an anomaly.

Roxie is surprisingly sweet, for a dog who lived in somebody's back yard with 3 other pits.

Toot's still investigating

Roxie seems not to be bothered by Toot so much.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weather in Macon

It's May 5th, 2011 and its unusually cool outside this morning.  Although its only 8:30 in the morning, I find it a bit chilly outside, while taking my puppy Toot for her morning routine.  2011 has surely making its mark. 

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