Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SwissMiss just isn't what it use to be

I remember not too long ago to when you can purchase a box of SwissMiss Milk Chocolate.  Box comes with 10 packs of individually wrapped hot chocolate.  Just pour the content of the pouch in a cup of hot water and Bang! you got delicious hot chocolate, a comfort drink.  

Well, maybe I'm getting older.  For some reason this hot chocolate doesn't taste like it use to.  Its no longer delicious.  Not only is no longer delicious, it cost a lot more.  Well maybe not too much.  Maybe because I didn't get the one with marshmallow in it.  I just don't know.  I was so tempted on buying the Nestle Hot Chocolate but it cost about $1 more.  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun :)

Jaylani is the newest member of the Women's Nut Club Association

Jaylani and Me

Jaylani and Jamie

 Jamie and Jaylani

Nola and Jaylani

Hilda & Jaylani

Nola, Me, Jaylani and Hilda

The Sisters welcoming the Newest Member of "Loca Loca" Tribe

Visiting ate Rowena and Laveth

It has been so many years since I seen my little cousin Laveth.  I was once so close and apart of their life.  The last time I really remember being with them was when her mother Rowena only had her as a baby and now I don't even know how many children she have.  So far I only met Laveth.   Life has a way of separating family members.  But end up on the same table anyway.  

from left to right:  Laveth, Me, Leland, Hilda and Jamie

Nola wasn't in this picture cause she had to work today.

Our next generation.

I love my sister Hilda.

constantly on her phone.

Mommy always spends money when we come to Jax.  She paid for everybody's meal.

What Jalissa and Jamie slept with

The girls didn't know that they were not alone in bed.

church with mommy

As usual, we goes to church with my mother at the Alliance in Jacksonville, FL.  The only Filipino church I know in Jacksonville.  I was really surprised that it looks like they gain more and more members since the last time I was here and no longer using the old facility.  They are now worshipping in their newly built church. 

Dave's New House

As usual.  I make my rounds to see family members in Jacksonville.  I was really happy with this photo because we really don't have a family photo.  Here, the only people that are missing is Johnny and Russell, oh and Travis.  But this photo made trip worth while.

Cheryl is way in the back because of her shyness.

Ofcourse the center of attention is the newest member to our family, Jaylani, my youngest brother Dalton's daughter.

Jamie and Leland

This photo is at my mother's apartment.  She made some sinigang, our favorite.

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