Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Schwinn Admiral 700cc Women's Bike

I purchased this bike from Walmart for $159.00 + tax, using the site to store.  So there were no fees for shipping and handling.  and the main reason why I used the "site to store" option is because, after reading the reviews on line, its best to use the "Site to Store" because they can assemble the bike for you at the store.  And since I know nothing about the engineering of bikes nor am I a bike enthusiast, I opt for a professional to do such bidding for me.

and if I'm not mistaken, after a stroll at the park last week, I saw a woman riding the same similar bicycle.  I think that moment, I made up my mind which bike to purchase.  My budget was a tad bit below but I figure, this bike might be worth the price.

Schwinn Admiral 700cc Women's Bike
and yeah... it comes with a rear rack.  I don't have to spend extra money to purchase one.  I've already bought a folding rack to attach on one end of the rear rack. 

Bought this on ebay - to buy yours click here

To buy yours - click here

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