Monday, December 8, 2014

Visiting Jacksonville during Thanksgiving Day

Took some time to visit family in Jacksonville during the holiday Thanksgiving weekend.  I was surprised to find out that Greyhound bus station was running on Thanksgiving day.  and it was almost $30 cheaper to travel on that particular day.  So I booked it for the 27th of November.  and I arrived in Jacksonville Florida in the afternoon, had time to shop with my mother and sister Hilda before having dinner.  The trip on the way to Jacksonville was smooth sailing.  But had problems heading back.

Greyhound Bus station in Jacksonville, FL

So I book my ticket going back while I was in Jacksonville.  I booked it on my cell phone.  Which was not connected to the printer, so I had to use the "CALL IN TICKET" option.  This will allow you to pick up your ticket an hour prior to boarding.  I got the confirm email and transaction online seems to have went through smoothly.  But when I arrived at the station and use the Kiosk to print my ticket, even the Greyhound associate didn't notice that the ticket was not for that day.  It was scheduled for the next day.  Another associate noticed and immediately requested the manager for his assistance.  The manager said I just had to pay $20 bucks more or come back the next day.  I was furious.  I knew I booked the ticket on the right day.  I scrambled for my cellphone, browsed my emails and found the confirmation, but the confirmation email didn't have no information regarding my purchased ticket other than the confirmation number.  

here's a snapshot of the email greyhound sent me.

as you can see, the TRAVEL INFORMATION area is mumbo-jumbo.  
frankly, I think they did this on purpose, to take advantage of travelers during this season.  
But that was my holiday travel extravaganza.  
I was still thankful for the experience.  

and to add to my dismay:
The transfer from Savannah to Macon, the  bus was super late.  The associates called the passengers to line up on schedule just to realized that the buses that we were waiting for were so late.  about an hour, so our 45 minute layover became 2 hours.
But I still love to travel, even with Greyhound bus.

I am impressed at Greyhound buses.  They are clean, roomy, and comfortable.  Not stuffy at all, unlike other buses I've experience. 
and they have plugs and free wifi.  

I had so much fun with my mom and sis that taking photos was the last thing on my mind.  
But I had an hour before the boarding time, so I decided to put my luggage in the locker for $3 bucks and took a walk to Jacksonville Landing. 

The Landing was a bit empty. I'm pretty sure because of Game Day, Jaguars football.  So I just snapped some photos of my favorite spot at the Landing.  Even when I was younger, this was always one of my favorite spot.  You can walk across that bridge, which I often did along with my daughter Jamie.  

I snapped more photos of high rise buildings downtown, on my way back to the bus station.  We don't have these in Macon, not really.

I was shocked to see city buses running on Thanksgiving Day in Jacksonville Florida.  
I love this city!  because there's no way in hell Macon Georgia city buses would run on Sunday much less on Thanksgiving DAy!  lol!

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