Monday, March 29, 2010

Cherry Blossom Festival 2010 photos

I wanted to be prepared this year for the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon.  Here are some of the photos I took at the City Park in downtown Macon.  This is one of the area where a lot of the activities are being held.  Its free to enter.  There were plenty of rides for fun, concession stands, games, and plenty of things to buy.  But what I really was impressed with was the "Old Thyme Photos", where you get to dressed up in cowboy Indians era, saloon girls, and etc.  I'm pretty sure, they made plenty of mula.  Anyway enjoy the photos.

Entering the Park, isn't gorgeous?

children enjoying the rides

crowd waiting for the next on stage entertainment.

People from everywhere comes to Macon during the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

See that big white tent?  It's huge.  It's filled with people eating from many concession stands that sells your typical festival food like, hotdogs, corndogs, nachos, turkey legs, pizza, ice creams and etc.  I was a bit in control because I didn't purchase any meal.  But I did got suckered for cinnamon roasted almonds inside that pavilion, which was also filled with vendors of all types.  I also bought some bangles and two pair earrings.

I forgot to turn this photo.  But you get the picture.

Typical ride a pony.  I can't help to wonder, are these animals being treated with love and care.

Typical win a teddy bear game.

What a Cherry Blossom Festival without the Pink Mustang.  It's so cute and small.

On my way back to my van from touring the park and activities, I followed a couple walking up the hill which lead me to this never before explored walk trail by the river and led me straight to my van where I parked.  Amazing what you discover in Macon when walking.

My photos

taken with my laptop camera.

The resolution is actually not bad.

These photos were taken at my apartment at Tindal Heights.  I know right, yuk.
But sometimes, u have to live where u have to live.  

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breakfast at McDonald

I am in a poor girl budget.  But I must have some breakfast with coffee every now and then.  I only have a few dollars to my name 'till I cash some checks today for some book orders.  And since I couldn't sleep at all last night, I couldn't wait for McDonald to open.

To my surprise, McDonald have a breakfast value meal for $2.65.  It comes with sausage biscuit sandwich, hash brown with coffee.  That is all I need to get my fix for today.  and since I came early around 6:00 am, my sandwich was very hot and fresh.  McDonald does have good coffee and I hate to say this but its actually better than Burger King.

So here to McDonald Breakfast Value Meal for $2.65
Thanks Goodness!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

JES Business Card Design

Business Card Design for JES

JES calendar designs

Custom Design Calendar for JES - One sheet, Poster size, 11x17

These calendar are perfect for fundraising and perfect as a promotional tool.  Guaranteed to be around year long.   These one sheet 11x17 Full Color Calendar can be easily printed in house or at your local print shop.  They can be printed in glossy paper for as low as $1 each.  Sale them for $5 to $10 and guaranteed to make you money for your school or non-profit organizations.  

Want more info in my design service?  visit my site at 
or call (478) 338-0558 for FREE quote and consultation.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Logo Revision

This is a logo put together by another artist.  It is not my design, I am just merely making subtle changes per customer request.

Twiggs County Public School logo

Just added the colon after excellence and the three dots in between the "One Team One Goal".  and added the word VISION on the left side of the logo

Another Day at the Office

Got some work today from one of my favorite customer, who works for the school system here in Middle Georgia.  and I luv it 'cause she always have some work for me.  Keeping me working at home and not looking for an actual job.

Wanted a photo to hang on their wall at school. 

Here's what I had to work with

Had to merge these two pictures together.  I knocked out the background of one picture and copy only the headshots of the other and placed them where they seems to fit. Added a us flag thats faded in the background and increase the contrast and finally added their mission state and wala, you get a master piece.
only at 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mobile Office

Aside from my 17" HP laptop and my sonny digital camera,  This is how the inside of my messenger bag looks like. 

Saw an article once on time magazine on how a woman ran a multi million dollar business right off her backpack and it reminded me of my bag.  But in my case I carry an additional bag because of my 15" HP laptop. 

As a graphic designer, it's essential to have a back-up computer just incase.  In mycase, I just can't let my old HP laptop go because it has windows XP and some of my software only runs on Windows XP.  Till I can afford to purchase the updated versions, I'm stuck on carrying two bags.  And its really getting heavy.  Anyway here's my listing of the above picture:
1.  HP 17" Laptop
2.  Laptop cooler - although it can run with just the power from your laptop via the usb cable, I also lugg with me the power supply for the cooler.
3.  Extra Battery for my laptop
4.  Boost Cell Phone - $50 monthly plan without contract - who can't live with that. - plus my power adapter
5.  PSP - Not only it plays movies, music,  It also allows me to get online via wifi and my skype works on it. 

Life's Distraction

We are so caught up in life's daily distraction that we often forget that things we really want to do in life are so easily obtain.  Simply by going after them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 Easy Ways to Form an Exercise Habit

It’s easy to start an exercise program, but it’s another thing all together to commit to it. Many people start a new workout program only to stop after a few sweaty sessions. So how do you make a workout routine stick?

Whether you’re exercising for fitness, health and wellness, weight loss, or to gain energy and sleep better at night, an exercise program is endlessly beneficial. Here’s how to stick to one.

10 Easy Ways to Form an Exercise Habit

1. Vary your workout. Keep your exercise program interesting by taking part in several activities you enjoy. Try running, cycling, walking, playing tennis, swimming, aerobics or any other active pursuit. You won’t stick to exercising if you don’t enjoy it.

2. Find a workout partner. Staying committed to an exercise program is easier if someone else is counting on you to be there.

3. Make exercise a priority. Schedule your workout times at the beginning of each week and don’t allow yourself to cancel.

4. Work out first thing in the morning. If you get up early to workout, there’s nothing stopping you. If you exercise later in the day, there’s a thousand little things that can potentially interfere.

5. Exercise right after work. If you’d prefer to sleep in, bring your workout clothes and exercise on the way home from the office. Make it a non-negotiable part of your day.

6. Exercise even when you’re feeling tired. If you neglect your workout every time you feel too tired, you’ll never fit it in. Plus, exercise is a great way to beat fatigue.

7. Keep a log of your activities. If you’re a runner, walker or cyclist, make it a game. Choose a destination (as far away as you’d like), calculate the miles to said destination and then record how long it takes you to “get there” on paper by keeping track of how many miles you run, walk or ride each day.

8. Know progress comes in many forms. As your body gets fitter, you’ll start to tone up and lose weight (as long as you’re maintaining a healthy diet). But there are other markers of progress you should be aware of. Sleeping better, thinking more clearly, having more sustained energy throughout the day, gaining strength, breathing easier, and enjoying lower levels of stress and anxiety are all improvements in your health and wellness. Improvements in cholesterol levels, bone density and blood pressure are also big benefits.

9. Build exercise into your day. If you have a dog, walk it twice a day. Walk or bike to work or to run errands. Make exercise automatic.

10. Set goals and reward yourself. Rewards are the best motivation, so treat yourself to something special – be it a new workout outfit or a nice dinner – when you reach a personal goal. Congratulate yourself for taking positive steps on improving your health and wellness.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

HuntEdd Farmhouse logo

Currently working on a logo HuntEdd FarmHouse Music Productions.  I hope I got his idea right.

Another day at Panera Bread

If there was a restaurant, it would have to be Panera, my favorite.  Because I can sit here have a good healthy meal or coffee and sweets and free wifi to connect to the internet.  This is the life of a blogger.  Always looking for a place to sit down, stuff your face with foodies and be able to blog at the same time.  Ofcourse all techies that come to this place always knows where all the plugs are at and they are first come first serve.  and Oh boy! you'll run out of battery life before they get up from their spot.  Luckily on weekdays Panera have a time limit for their FREE wife during the peek of lunch hours.  and all the blogger arrive afterwards.  But it is very rare now that I get the spot where the plugs are.  But thank goodness my New HP laptop can last over an hour which is more than enough time to blog about something and do a little bit of work before i get bored and get out of here.

What I always choose is the Pick for Two".  You pick a half of sandwich (any sandwich, with soup, your choice of apple or chips.  But the drink I paid seperately.  But my girl always hook me up when she's here and give me my free drink. 

Welcome to Moe's

I'm a creature of habit.  If I tasted the food and it's good, I'm sticking to it.  And so is my favorite at Moes is the Homewrecker. They should rename it to baby in a blanket, 'cause that's exactly what I feel like eating when this burrito is all wrapped up.  You get your choice of meat, rice or beans, and all the trimmins'.  and you end up with a homewrecker!

the meal comes with side order of fresh corn chips and your choice of 3-4 different level of hotness salsa sauce.  I really have to take up some creative writing. 

I always, if budget allows, order 3 cookies for $1 or so.

Monday, March 1, 2010

the Leverage Team

Love this show.  the Leverage Team rocks!!!!
So long Lucille!!!

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