Sunday, July 29, 2012

church flyers and postcard designs

Church Flyer with matching 4x6 postcards

need a flyer design?

Church Flyers and Postcard Designs

Just finished this project.  A flyer design for a church or ministries. with matching 4x6 postcard. 

Church Flyer

Church 4x6 Postcards front and back

Elder Altovis L. Russell and Restoration Deliverance Christian Center
2592 Houston Avenue
Macon, GA 31206
(478) 335-7090

Back to School Explosion - August 8-10, 2012
theme:  "Conquering New Terrority"
Joshua 1:2-3

(I see a typo) 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2nd Day of our Vacation

Really enjoying today.  Because we had a chance to spend time with family members.  My mom of course, my sister Hilda, and my sister Rowena and her four beautiful children.  She even took us out to eat, that was wonderful.  After dinner we all stop by my big brother's Dave house. 

at Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville

yep, its me

Toot enjoying the landing

Desmond, Jamie and Toot at the Jacksonville Landing

I had to check out the Riverside Arts Market

This is an amazing event.  All kinds of artist and farmer market vendors, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trip to Jacksonville FL

Reserved a car a week in advance with Enterprise and got our rented car with no problem.

Toot sat in the back seat with me soothingly all the way to Jacksonville.
She sat too close at times.

our rented car from enterprise.  We made it to Jacksonville Beach

Dez, Jamie and Toot

Toot and Dez

Jamie, Dez and their little girl Toot

Jacksonville Beach

Walking Toot at Jacksonville Beach.  She loves it.  her first time and was playing with the waves and tried to chase other dogs that were passing by.

Jamie, finally not looking at her phone.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Handmade Crochet cover for Nook Simple Touch

Sold another one today.
I get excited when I get a sell on etsy.  Somebody actually like my handmade crochet products enough to purchase.  It just drives me more to making more.  But since I have over 100 items, I'm slowing down on production.  I'm actually forcing myself not to make anymore.  Crocheting has become addicted lately.  And thank goodness I'm profiteering on my addiction.  I have to have self control and stop making some, for now.

Planning a trip Mega Bus

A friend told me about Mega Bus.  So I'm planning to take some trips.  I hope it stays cheap.  I might be able to get cheapter if I reserved even later day

Jittery Joes of Macon Georgia

I'm finally here at Jittery Joe's.  I've been meaning to check them out.  They are a coffee shop that offers free wifi service.  and I'm so glad they have sandwiches because I'm famished from me walking here from the post office.

I did a lot work this weekend and so I'm taking my time to day to relax a bit and spend some time with my blogs. :)  With so much work and recent tragedy, the early passing of my puppy Roxy, kinda still got me depressed a little bit and out of touch.  I decided to get out today and attract some positive energy and release some of sadness.  I really really misses my Pup.

Anyway back to Jittery Joe's. My friend told me about it and she checked it out first.  She said it's similar to our favorite coffee shop Joshua Cup and much cheaper on prices.

The only thing that I noticed quickly is they close at 3pm Monday - Saturday.  I guess because its summer break for Mercer University. 

I visited Barnes and Nobles across the street.  I was really disappointed because they seems to only care about Mercer Students.  All of their stuff geares toward Mercer.  I wanted to spend money buy some books to add to my ever growing collecting of egyptian books but I only saw Mercer University paraphernalia. 

Jittery Joe's Macon Georgia
located by Tattnall Square Park
I just snapped this picture with my webcam :)

I did try a sandwich, a chicken salad sandwich on croissant.
It was ok, it comes with side chips and a strip of pickle. 

Sold another Nook Simple Touch cover

I am so happy I found out about etsy.  I've crocheting a lot and offering my handmade crochet bag for sale on my etsy shop.  So far, I've sold over 50 bags.  I can't wait to celebrate my 100th sold item.  I hope other etsy shop aren't upset with me, because I'm offering my handmade crochet bag for a low price.  I've seen similar items for sale for twice as much and more!  But I think I've price my ok.

check out my shop.  link below

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Roxy just died and I'm heart broken

I feel devastated.  My Roxy died. 

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