Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bobble Filters my review

So I've been using Bobble bottle with the filter ofcourse for over 3 months now.  I haven't bought any gallon or bottle of water since I've been using it.  Well for the first month, it was great.  I used it all the time and actually I started seeing the difference in my skin complexion and clarity.  I even got compliments from other people.  Well now, its almost Christmas and its winter season.  I haven't been drinking a lot of water.  But I keep it next to my bed.  and no longer carry it everywhere with me. 

The downside:
  • I don't get enough gulf of water when I squeezed the bottle anymore.  I have to suck it now. 
  • I want a bigger bottle so I don't have to refill so often
But I can say this, I don't regret buying one and do recommends it.

I bought mine at Office Depot.  got a really good deal.  Got them for 50 cents each.  So I grabbed about 40 of them.  Sold some on ebay but kept many of them.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

So much to do

Let see,

I've fed the puppies, all 9 + 2

they are all outside but as usual Rico is asleep.  He likes to sleep more than any other in the pack, is what I 've noticed lately.
cleaned up the living room.  Noticed no chairs right?  well that's because they are in the TV room or den.
and packed my etsy orders.  This is my highlight of the day.  I love getting orders and I love packing them. 
  1. Finish doing laundry - blankets and sheets day
  2. Clean my office area
  3. Clean the bathroom
  4. Clean my bedroom
  5. Clean the Den
  6. Crochet more purple mug cozy
  7. Complete my new layout for my crochet book
I don't want to make my list too long to where it looks like I didn't get anything done today.  Oh I still have to work at the bookstore, process orders and stuff.  and still have to complete new children books layout and add them to the site.


Monday, November 12, 2012

My Puppies Magazine Cover

I just couldn't help myself. I love my puppies and they deserv their very own magazine. Here is the cover and will be posting the entire magazine once it's completed.

Puppies Magazine featuring The Rico & Heatlor on the December 2012 cover.
I love my pitbulls.
inspired by People Magazine cover

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Drawstring Bag for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch

I have a button dilemma.  I'm completely out of buttons.  and why the hek buttons are so expensive.  They are these little round things with holes in them.  So I had to figure out a way to continue to make iPhone cozy without using a buton and solution is TAAADAAAA!!!! A Drawstring iPhone or iPod Touch bag, sleeve, cover or case or whatever you call it.

It actually secure my phone much better than the ones with the buttons and I like the drawstring and I hope my customers would to.

What type of yarn do I choose? 
What's affordable at the moment.  I thought I might be able to find some yarn similar to what I'm currently using online but cheaper, I had no luck, as of yet.  Will continue to google.

iPhone case or iPod touch case cover or sleeve

iphone case - handmade crochet - get them on my etsy shop

So I want to keep selling my crochet cover for tech gears such as iPhone, Nook, Kindle, iPad, Laptop and even Wacom Bamboo Tablets.  But there can be so many combinations of colors.  and I have crochet countless of color combiinations.  But lately, I find myself thinking as a business professional instead of an artist when it comes to making my products.  There are advantages and disadvantages.  I want to give my customers the many variations to choise.  The uniqueness of these variations can please a customer. 

But I wonder, am I making the right decisions, to let my business professionalism overide my creative artist inside me.  Afterall, I think I'm an artist first and then a business woman.

The reason is, I had a inquiry to create 200 crochet covers, But they just wanted 20 of these color combo and another 20 of these such and such color combo.  and  I know my catalog rarely contains two of each design or color combinations. 

auugghhh... just thinking out loud.  anyway comment if you like about my babbling.

this is one of my favorites

Ques:  What brand of yarn do I use most?

Ans:  The most affordable to me right now is  Red Heart.  I consider myself a beginner's skill crochet hooker.  So I don't know much about the different type of yarn.  I think of myself at this stage as in stage one of ten.  I love the different colors, and the right thickness of Red Heart Yarn.  I'm planning on stocking up. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire

It was very hard but I did it.  I crochet five Nook covers using the same pattern.  It takes time and diligent to make one of these Nook or Kindle cover.  So while I'm crocheting one, my mind wonders to other patterns and techniques.  But with inner self strength I conquer before my insanity. 

and now I look even more professional, because I storage area, is starting to have some sort of category.

Ques:  Why choose Nook from the rest of the ereaders and tablets in the market?

Ans:  I had Kindle Fire on my wish list for the longest.  I was saving up for it.  even waited for friends and family to give it me as a gift during holidays and my bday.  But, if you want something, get it yourself.  that's what my grandmother would say.  So I continue to squish my budget to save $200.  The more I waited, the more I red reviews and watch more review on youtube and product comparison.  What sold me on the Nook is simply their external sd card slot.  Both Nook and Kindle can view PDF files, images files and videos.  But only Nook has an external SD card Slot.  and I have a lots of PDF I would like to store and view in my new tablet.  and that's why I opt for the Nook Color.  oh... Yes, I bought the Nook Color for $50 less than the Nook Tablet and I'm happy with my purchase.  Although I am planning to purchased the Nook Tablet for Christmas, for me of course.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Nook Tablet covers with handles

I have decided not to  do so many variations on my patterns.  To make it easy for buyers to buy more than one of particular style.  So a few days ago, I began crocheting some Nook and Kindle covers similar to the one picture below.  they are all the same pattern just in different colors.  Colors like
Navy Blue and White
Purple and White
Orange and White
Burgandy and White
Green and White
and I just couldn't help my self... Red and Pink

all have handles like the following pictures.
and when I sometimes have some left over yarn, I go ahead and try not to discard but crocheting things like matching mug cozy or iPhone cozy.

Interested in my crochet items?  visit my etsy shop at

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Pecan Tree

When we moved to this house, we had no idea that the tree in front the house is a pecan tree, until I began to see the trees budding with pecans.  I was happy.  Anticipating harvest season for the pecans.  but then I began to notice that some of the pecan nuts have these little circular black spots.  After googling it, I found out these are called scabs.  Pecan scabs is a disease, a fungal disease that attacks the pecan trees and affects the nuts.  and it seems that the only solution is to apply pesticides before it buds next year.  So we might not have the anticipated happy harvest this year for pecans.

But I'm thinking, of smoking the the tree.  I remember when I was young in the Philippines, my grandmother tend to smoke trees, to get rid of unwanted pest.  I'll try that.  I don't know exactly how to, unless I get a metal cylinder drum and lit yard garbage in it.  will see.

Anyway here are some photos I took.

Pecan Nuts with Scab

Our Driveway.  Pecans are already dropping off, now I think its because of the scab disease.

Our Pecan Tree

bark of our Pecan tree

had to trim some of the branches because they suddenly began to droop so low.

removing the pecans from the trimmed branches

Healthy Pecan nuts

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bobble Water Bottle and Filter

Last week, I was at my local Office Depot store looking for a new Laser Printer.  And when heading to check out, I stop the sale item cart to see what good deal I could find.  I didn't know what they were, it says some type of filter and they had a full shopping cart of them for 50 cents each.  So I grabbed a couple and when I got in the car I started googling them on my smart phone HTC Virgin Mobile.  I stunned to find out that these filters I bought for 50 cents each are retailing at ebay for $6.99 each.  So before leaving the parking lot, I gave my boyfriend $13.00 to grab me what my money can get.  When he returned he had 3 plastic bags full of Bobble Filters.  and I listed them online on ebay for 2for $9.00  

I quickly sold 3 sets.  Not bad.  I still have them for sale, so if you're interested in getting some filters for your Bobble bottle check me out on

I even made a carrier for my Bobble Bottle

Thursday, August 2, 2012

USB Mini Slim Wireless Mouse from ebay

During our vacation last week, I somehow lost my USB for my wireless mouse.  I bought that mouse a few years back at Best Buy for... I think $19.00 and that is definitely not on the budget for a replacement mouse, that I must have.

So off to to search for a good deal.  and I found two.  The red color of this wireless mouse sold me and the price of $5.49 sealed the deal.  and thought to my self, I can afford another one for my netbook.
It just needed one AA battery.  and the mini USB plugs to your computer and due to is size, it doesn't have to be removed unless you're getting a new mouse.  It responds quickly and glide smoothly.  For a graphics such as myself, it does the job. 

I received this slim wireless mouse today.  So I haven't really had a chance to test it.  I don't have an additionnal AA battery for it.  will update this review later on.  But check out my pixs of my slim wireless mouse below.

regular mouse on the left and the slim mouse on the right

check out the difference on the height of these two wireless mouse.

bottom of the wireless mouse, the battery compartment, i guess the on and off switch, laser track and the compartment that houses the USB.

not bad for about $5 bucks and free shipping

Sunday, July 29, 2012

church flyers and postcard designs

Church Flyer with matching 4x6 postcards

need a flyer design?

Church Flyers and Postcard Designs

Just finished this project.  A flyer design for a church or ministries. with matching 4x6 postcard. 

Church Flyer

Church 4x6 Postcards front and back

Elder Altovis L. Russell and Restoration Deliverance Christian Center
2592 Houston Avenue
Macon, GA 31206
(478) 335-7090

Back to School Explosion - August 8-10, 2012
theme:  "Conquering New Terrority"
Joshua 1:2-3

(I see a typo) 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2nd Day of our Vacation

Really enjoying today.  Because we had a chance to spend time with family members.  My mom of course, my sister Hilda, and my sister Rowena and her four beautiful children.  She even took us out to eat, that was wonderful.  After dinner we all stop by my big brother's Dave house. 

at Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville

yep, its me

Toot enjoying the landing

Desmond, Jamie and Toot at the Jacksonville Landing

I had to check out the Riverside Arts Market

This is an amazing event.  All kinds of artist and farmer market vendors, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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