Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family Moments

I was very glad to spend some quality time with my mom, sister Hilda, and Jamie.  I've been planning this trip and kept running into hurdle.  The first on our schedule was to hit Regency Mall in Jacksonville and get a cup of that Bobba.  I think tha'ts what its called.

But we end up going shopping for clothes on Jamie's request.  Jamie wanted to get a pair of pants but I wasn't sure if she wore them during our trip or not.  Anyway I didn't notice. 

After the Mall trip, we went to go see my cousin Allan and his two girls.  I haven't seen him in so many years.  He was living in California and just recently move back here in Jacksonville.  It was really good to see him.  and I finally met his girls, who are so gorgeous.

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