Monday, November 4, 2013

Walmart Product Replacement Plan - Sucks! Don't waste your time and money!

Bought a vacuum on, and purchase the 2 year Product Replacement Plan.  Few months down the line, the vacuum stops working. and I recall that I purchase a replacement plan.  Well I'm on going on almost one month and still no replacement.  I've called four times and they keep getting the run around.  I purchased the vacuum online and they want me to send them a receipt through mail.  I wonder why is that.  I could just forward them my receipt through email.  I did buy this shit online.  But they claim they never received the mailed receipt and thus I don't get refund.  WTF!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to make money blogging - Option #1

There are many ways to make money by blogging.  This is just one of the ways.

Okay, so you have a blog.  and you have been posting your heart out.  and ready for the next step.  How to generate income by blogging.  One way, is by placing advertisement on your blog, using It's simple and easy and its a no-brainer.  The first thing you want to do is visit and sign up. Fill out few basic info and create you an account.

After you've created an account, return back to homepage and scroll all the way at the bottom of the page.  and click on the link "Affiliate."

This link will direct you to  

Their homepage clearly explains their services.  Make money by offering coupons & discounts!  With this economy, everybody could use coupons.   Add the savings center and ad units to your site, users print coupons from your site, you get paid for every coupon printed!  that's one way.  

Saving Center:
Provide a full couponing experience right on your site with the Brandcaster® Savings Center. Customize and place a coupon gallery on your site. With the ability to change the look and feel as well as features available, you can tailor the Savings Center to your site.

Ad Units:
Brandcaster® Ad Units feature contextually-relevant coupons from popular and trusted brands. Brandcaster® matches high performing coupon offers from top brands to your website. The best part is that visitors don’t need to leave your site to print coupons!

Monetize your site traffic with the Brandcaster® Program! As a Brandcaster® publisher, you earn money when users print coupons directly from your Savings Center or Ad Units.* Tens of thousands of websites are already monetizing with Brandcaster® and millions of impressions are served in total each day.

To take advantage of Brandcaster®, all you need are a valid US-based website and an address to receive payment.

if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, add then below or email me.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Free Shipping or Not Free Shipping,

I wanted to order a box of paper from Office Depot, because I remember how quick their service was when I use to order paper for my previous employer.  Literally the next day or two.  I'm in need of copy paper severely.  So I point my browser to, and sure enough they are having a sale on copy paper.

that's like paying $3 per real of 500 sheets and it clearly states FREE Shipping

But I got disappointed because when I tried to check out the website charges me $9.95 for shipping.  I guest I'll go to ebay and pay $33-$35 for the same box and get free shipping.  Just have to wait more than couple of days.

So, the lesson here, double check your total when shopping with 

But don't write them off the list, just contact the webmaster like I did, and hopefully they'll fix that hickup.

Friday, August 30, 2013

More $3 tops at Walmart.

Found these $3 tank tops at Walmart and grabbed them for my daughter.  Just something for her to wear around the house or so.  As new season comes in, retailers are making room for new inventory.  So that means, this is the perfect time to shop for good deals.

Kroger on tom hill sr blvd - deli review

So a friend just moved in the neighborhood and we wanted to grab lunch after getting our nails done on Tom Hill Sr. Blvd.  I suggested to go across the street to Panera Bread Restaurant but my friend wanted to show off the deli inside Kroger.  I must admit this Kroger far exceeded my expectations.  They have a soup and salad bar.  And friend's favorite is the cheese and olive section.  We ordered your typical one entry and two side dish.   To my excitement, I wasn't paying attention to the service at first.  But I did notice how we had to wait for our food for so long and how slow the server was.  Maybe she was tired and nearing her clock out.  So I dismissed that.  But what I couldn't dismissed, was the food, was serve cold and seemed like it has been seating dry for so long.  I was really disappointed when I took a bite of the so called chicken tenders, they tasted like they just left the fridge.  That's how cold the meat was.  I'm not the one to complain.  but my friend did.  

So the server, offered to please us by giving us both fresh and hot chicken tenders. But what really made my day, surprisingly good, was the free chicken salad they gave us.   I should have ordered this instead.  The chicken salad had grapes in it and it was deliciously made.  So Kroger did made up for my bad lunch experience.  But I don't think I'll eat there for lunch again, but I will definitely buy more of their chicken salad.

hot chicken fingers

So on my way out, I did grab a bag of apples for less than $5 bucks
which my daughter loves to snack on.

More $3 blouses at Walmart

I'm always looking for a good deal.  And sometimes, you don't have to go to thrift stores or second hand stores.  You can actually find better deal at your nearest Walmart.  So summer is nearing its end and fall is right around the corner.  And that means that a lot of out-of-season clothes will be mark down and it's the best time to go shopping.  Check out Walmart prices on every day clothes, $2, $3 and $5 deals.  

I call them the Martha Stewart Blouses.  The perfect casual top you can wear for gardening, or running errands.

So you know I had to grab a few of them.  At this great deal, I couldn't afford to pass up.

Yes, even this Hawaiian wanna be blouse, I did grab.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The more I visit Savannah, the more I want to stay

My second visit to Savannah.  Last time I was here, I was overwhelmed and became exhausted quickly.  This time I was a bit prepared.  I tried to cover as much as I could but I ran out of time more quickly than anticipated.  Although I had the same allotted time from my previous visit.  I did learn something about Savannah or the historic district atleast, that is "Trolleys or Street Cars are free to hop on downtown".  And that is really one of the fastest way to get to know the area.  But I prefer being on foot.
and that you could buy an all day pass and ride city bus for $3.  

lunch at Forsyth St cafe in Savannah GA

what else could you ask for.  cafe at the park

Forsyth Park is very kid friendly

fun in the sun - Forsyth Park

my dogs would love this stroll

and the Trolleys stop are right across the street

I thought it was a place of worship but it was a restaurant

700 Drayton

cooled off with a chocolate milkshake at the city market

even the birds are confident in savannah

art galleries and studios at the City Market

Samantha Claar Gullah Living

i love that piece

shared studios among artists

other side of River St.

I love Savannah

how could you not love Savannah

just so gorgeous 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Technology and Crochet

I love tech gadgets.  and I love being a graphic artist and a web designer.  If someone offered me a trip back in time, I will not go without my tech gadgets, such as my laptop, tablets, ereaders, smart phones, digital camera, etc.  But lately, crocheting have been taking over much of my time.  And it has helped so much in my technology withdrawal symptoms.  Just when I thought I couldn't survive a day without my gadgets, I found that crocheting have provided me some sense of serenity and when I am crocheting, it takes me into a trans like meditation.  It allows me think and create at the same time and to do so in pace.

I often now wish that I have taken this craft much attention and seriousness in my youth.  I did learn how to crochet at a young age.  But thanks to YOUTUBE, and all of its wonderful tutorials, I learned so much in so little time.  and thanks to etsy, I am able to earn some cash with my creations.

So being computer savvy with an ancient craft goes along together.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Updates on my tomato plants

Truly my first garden and I've learned plenty and ready for next season.  I know what to do and not to do.

  1. Water your tomato plants only once per week.  and don't water them if it rained that week.
  2. Add a ring of epson salt on the base of your plants so when it rain or when you water them the magnesium will get absorb.  Your tomato plant is magnesium deficient if their leaves are yellowing or lime green.  Adding a dash of epson salt around the plant solves this problem.  Do only once per two months.
  3. Add calcium, like crushed, unpainted sheet rock to the dirt mix.  It will stop any end rot issue.
  4. give your plants some space and support.  which I failed to do so.  But next time, I will.
  5. Spank your tomatoes.  Roll a piece of newspaper and tap lightly, beginning from the stem and up.  The vibration trigger blossoming to yield more fruits.  
  6. plant flowers close to your tomato plants to attract bees.
  7. Next year I'm planting strawberries around my tomato plants container.

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