Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bobble Filters my review

So I've been using Bobble bottle with the filter ofcourse for over 3 months now.  I haven't bought any gallon or bottle of water since I've been using it.  Well for the first month, it was great.  I used it all the time and actually I started seeing the difference in my skin complexion and clarity.  I even got compliments from other people.  Well now, its almost Christmas and its winter season.  I haven't been drinking a lot of water.  But I keep it next to my bed.  and no longer carry it everywhere with me. 

The downside:
  • I don't get enough gulf of water when I squeezed the bottle anymore.  I have to suck it now. 
  • I want a bigger bottle so I don't have to refill so often
But I can say this, I don't regret buying one and do recommends it.

I bought mine at Office Depot.  got a really good deal.  Got them for 50 cents each.  So I grabbed about 40 of them.  Sold some on ebay but kept many of them.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

So much to do

Let see,

I've fed the puppies, all 9 + 2

they are all outside but as usual Rico is asleep.  He likes to sleep more than any other in the pack, is what I 've noticed lately.
cleaned up the living room.  Noticed no chairs right?  well that's because they are in the TV room or den.
and packed my etsy orders.  This is my highlight of the day.  I love getting orders and I love packing them. 
  1. Finish doing laundry - blankets and sheets day
  2. Clean my office area
  3. Clean the bathroom
  4. Clean my bedroom
  5. Clean the Den
  6. Crochet more purple mug cozy
  7. Complete my new layout for my crochet book
I don't want to make my list too long to where it looks like I didn't get anything done today.  Oh I still have to work at the bookstore, process orders and stuff.  and still have to complete new children books layout and add them to the site.


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