My Gadgets

  • 17" HP Laptop with Windows 7
  • HP Netbook with Windows 7
  • Nook Simple Touch by Barnes and Nobles
  • 7" Android Tablet - I bought from Ebay brand is called IRobot
  • HTC Smart Phone with Virgin Mobile Unlimited Service
  • Virgin Mobile MIFI device - allows five device to connect to internet with $40 Unlimited plan.
  • Digital Camera - Sony Cybershot
  • PSP - this was once my only means of entertainment other than my laptop.  I do like the fact that its portable, the battery last long and it has an expandable memory disc slot for digital media card. 
  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet
  • Portable Wan Scanner

What on my wish list
  1. Nook Color
  2. Desktop Computer
  3. 1TB portable hardrive
  4. A Bigger Smartphone
  5. MP3 player device - for listening to music my walking excersize.

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