Saturday, October 29, 2011

Personal Shopping Cart

I bought a personal shopping cart from  It has four wheels and it folds for tucking it away easily and conviniently.  Today is the first day I'm using it to do laundry.  I usually use my Whitmor Rolling Utility cart that I also purchased from, but it can't carry the amount of loads I have to wash.  The only problem was, I had to quickly cut up some fabric to create a bag to fit my rolling cart so I wouldn't have to use plastic bags for my laundry. 

I am really happy how easily it is to pull and the large wheels makes it easy to go through some rough roads like, gravel and grass.  On top of that I was able to carry over 3 loads of clothes to fit in 3 triple load machines.  So I'm washing my towels, sheets, throw blankets and my personal dirty clothes.  Amazing! 

This personal shopping cart really helps me alot.  So what are you waiting for, help make your life easier by purchasing one of these at

That's my cart.  I did removed the bag that I made for it to wash it also.  and guess what?  this picture was taken with my new HP Mini Netbook. 

Loving Life!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finally a new laptop

I first want to thank the Most High for blessing me today.  I was able to purchased a much needed new laptop.  My old laptop is an HP and ofcourse I opt for a newer and better HP. 

My Old:
15" size screen
2GB in processing speed
80GB of aloted space

My New HP:
17" size screen
4GB in processing speed
+ Intel Processor
446 of aloted space

Finally, I can accept new work for graphics and web design service.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Stray Dog name Sausage in between riot in Athens

Sausage, a stray dog, is seen between riot policemen and a masked protester during a demonstration in Athens October 5, 2011. Sausage the riot dog is an amiable ginger mongrel resident of Syntagma Square in central Athens, who doesn't mind if you show up for a day of mayhem as long as he can join in. For the record: some people call him Kanellos -- Cinnamon. The Athens municipality, which has known him since 2006 as Dog Number 1842, prefers Loukanikos -- Sausage. Picture taken October 5, 2011. To match GREECE-DOG/ REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis (GREECE - Tags: CIVIL UNREST ANIMALS SOCIETY)

I just hope, that Sausage is being fed and taken care of properly.  Specially after all this publicity stunt he's getting.  I hope he is no longer astray and now someone's pet.

The Best Tuna Sandwich

Where to get the best Tuna Sandwich in Macon? I would have to say Joshua Cup Coffee House. They really embodied the art to the Tuna Sandwich.

Boar's Head Tuna Sandwich Meal from Joshua Cup. The best in town!

What really top this meal is the dip added for your chips. It is delicious.

This is not your tasteless Tuna sandwich from Subway, it is Joshua Cup Coffee House Boar's Head Tuna Sandwich.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gimp the Free Image Editing software

I just bought an HP Netbook 110.  I use it for surfing the net, listen to music, watch videos, and store some of my PDF documents and photos,  but most of all I use it to blog.  But I ran into a problem, because of the time, when I post a blog, I like to include an image I've taken with my digital camera.  and what I found out is, it takes forever to uplaod a raw image from your digital camera.  Although my Sony cybershot only taks 7.2 mega pixels, most digital camera now a days are taking double digits image pixels, like 10 and up, and those images are too big to upload which takes time to upload to your blog, specially when using more than couple of images. 

My HP Laptop have Adobe Photoshop CS.  I have been using Adobe Photoshp since the 3.0 version, which is over 12 years ago.  So I am very accustom to using Adobe Photoshop.  But I wanted to install an image editting software to my netbook, that simply allows me to change the image so my image file wouldn't bee to heavy to upload to my blog.  And a quick search on google, I landed on a GIMP.  GIMP is a free image editting software.  I quickly turned to YouTube to see its credentials.  and OMG I am sold.  and I quickly downloaded this FREE software and it works for my needs so far.  I can resize and regress the resolution of my images and upload them quickly and fast now to my blog.  Thanks GIMP.

To dowload GIMP for Windows click here

There are plenty of  video tutorials on YouTube

Monday, October 3, 2011

Netbook bag

Took a walk to office depot to buy printable CDs to complete some orders.  But I just couldn't resist it.  It was only for $9.99   Its perfect for my 10" netbook.  I do believe it was on sale.  Bought it at Office Depot. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag, A Great Companion

Ever since I bought my Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag, everyday errands have it easier to manage.  I'm using it, two to three times a week to walk to the grocery store.  Thanks to my Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag, no more carrying heavy grocery bags and can even buy more with one trips.  It's has been really a big help to me. 

And today, I'm carrying two loads loads of laundry to wash at my neighborhood's laundry mat.  My washing machine wont' work right sometimes.  And I really need something to wear for the following week.  I load it up with my clothes, detergent, netbook, muffin and soda and off to walk to the laundry mat.  Now I only wish I would have found out about this bag years ago.  It really would have made a big difference in my everyday living and less sore back and shoulder. 

I recommend this bag for anyone who doesn't have a car to get around and have things to carry.

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