Saturday, May 23, 2015

Morning Harvest - and Fresh Pesto

I watched tons of Youtube video last night regarding basil plant, how to properly prune them and make some fresh Pesto.

Woke up around 7am, let the dogs out and off to water my vegetable garden and with me my pruning tool. and here's my morning harvest.

My version of Pesto.

I was out of olive oil, but I have cold press coconut oil

no pine nuts, but I have some sunflower seeds

added about 3 clove of garlic, cause I love garlic and pound all the ingredients in mortal and pestle. 

Did you know Pesto means "To Pound".

My breakfast, coffee with biscuit and fresh pesto.  
My biscuits never had it soooo goood.

Friday, May 15, 2015

What I love about Savannah historic district

As you know, 2 to 3 times a year, I visit Savannah when Greyhound bus allows me to for $2 round trip.  I kid you not, $2.00  Because I am El-Cheapo the frugal traveler, I am on a budget.  So I just do this one day trip thing.  I live early and catches the bus late.

I have noticed a pattern to my trip... I keep coming back to this one area of downtown, the Oglethorpe Square.

Most tourists loves the Ellis Square, City Market, Forsyth Park, and River Street, but I love the Oglethorpe square.  I can see myself living in this area.  It has cafes, restaurants, retail stores, boutiques and so much more.  Next time I go, I'll make sure I do a video tour.

tricycle cabbies hangs out at this park.  that is my fav cafe here and around the corner is Mellow Mushroom pizza.  There are plenty of shops at this squares.  

here's something new this year.  I didn't know it existed, a bike sharing program in Savannah Georgia, yippie!!!  As soon as you get off the greyhound bus, you also arrived at the city bus terminal, which is where the Bike sharing terminal located. 
You can rent this bike for $5 a day.  For more info on the bike sharing program, here's the link...

This is Ellis Square, there is a terminal here for the Bike Sharing System.

and I definitely recommend it.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bicycle plus crutches is equal what???

I was in Savannah recently and it is a bicycle friendly town.
Lots of people rides bikes.  But check out what this guy did to his bike.

It is a girl's 10speed bicycle and he used crutches to form racks.  
that's creative.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Veggie garden update

I am just amaze how my veggie garden is growing so well.  If you have been following my posts... you know that I did not buy any soil, fertilizer, or other chemicals for this garden.  It is not by choice but by necessity.  

The purpose of the garden is for me to save money on vegetables... So I feel that by buying soil, fertilizes and etc... it depletes the purpose.  Plus it is good for the environment and it is organic.

here's a tip:  I use cotton yarn and shower curtain ring to support my tomato plants.

I watched a video on youtube about cilantro plants, the video encourages you to throw away the plant after eating the cilantro.  Well I didn't and it gave me coriander and lots of it.

bayleaves flowers.  the first time I have seen them.

string beans flowers

check out all that string beans... that's whats for dinner tonight.

I thought my squash plants were a failure... but I love how good hey look.  
again... no fertilizer use.  I have a very poor sandy soil, I barely had compost material.  and I love how my veggie garden is blossoming. 

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