Thursday, July 21, 2016

S&S Cafeteria in Macon Georgia

Good service and good food is all I can say about this restaurant.  It has a cafeteria style system.  Where you get in line and grab bowls or plates of food that are already proportionally placed on individual serving plates.  But I keep coming back for lunch because I do enjoy their coffee and desert entries.  Pictured above is coffee and pumpkin or potato pie.

Testing the blogger app on my phone

Tonight I'm testing the new blogger app on my Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) smartphone that I just purchased from BestBuy for only $99 + tax.

I actually had my mind set on getting the HTC 626 phone.  But after seeing that the Samsun J3 was only $10 bucks more, I decided to get it.  So far the blogger app works ok.  I've been neglecting my blogs for many months now.  But I think this phone will have me blogging back on track.  

I'm not gonna lie, Instagram had me hook.  and I am realizing and accepting the defeat.  Thus the lack of post on my blogs.    So expect on updates from now. on.

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