Friday, April 26, 2013

White Powdery Mildew on my tomato plants? the easy solution

I got home today from a three day trip and found my tomato plants with white powdery type mildew or some sort.  I google what this is and found out that its, some type of mildew or mold attacking my tomato plants.  Found some solution and here they are:

Find a general purpose fertilizer(10-10-10 or 14-14-14) with Molybdenum in it that mixes with water for faster delivery and follow the directions. If you want to get your PH up, water in a couple Tbsp of baking soda the next time you water. Repeat until you get it where you want it. Don't try to change it too fast or you'll end up with more problems.

The use of baking a tbs of baking soda and tbs of vegetable oil in a gallon of water and spray the plant in the morning.  Watch the video.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trying for the first time a 30 day vegetable and juice fast

Just purchased the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender.  I really wanted a juicer, but I can't afford one right now.  So I opt for this.  I really need to loose weight.  I'm about 215-220 lbs.  I guess I spend a lot of time in front of a pc and I wanted to juice to loose weight.  I've been watching lots of documentary on Netflix about vegan lifestyle and how Joe lost so much weight by fasting on vegetable and fruit juice.  

So I bought this personal blender to make some vegetable and fruit smoothie.  I want to loose atleast 50-75 lbs, so let see what 30 days of just vegetable and fruit smoothie will do.

My plan is to purchase and mix the following and I will try to commit very hard to this fast.
  1. fronzen veggies, so it will deter me from using ice, and maybe that way my blender will last long.
  2. plenty of spinach
  3. kale
  4. bananas
  5. apples
  6. Apple juice 
  7. peanut butter
Right now, that's all I can think of to add my fast.  I'm pretty sure I'll add more.

To get your own Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 weeks old Tomato Plants

My ultimate reason for growing my own vegetables is due to high prices of tomatoes and vegetable.  I went to Lowes yesterday to buy more things for my newly vegetable garden or should I say tomato garden.  I bought the following:

1.  Two bags for soil for almost $4 each bag. Sta-Green Flowers & Vegetable Garden Soil

2.  Plant food -  I was really looking for gypsum, but they had none, so I grab a bag of calcium for my tomato plants but it was over $12 and as I kept browsing through plant foods, I ended up settling for tomato and plant food.  So will see what happen, I guess.

Jobes Organics Vegetable & Tomato plant food. 
I sprinkled about 2 tlbs of this in my soil before planting.  

maybe wondering what the hek?  well I sowed some seeds early in the winter and they never germinated or atleast I thought they were destroyed to our longest winter here in middle Georgia.  So I recycled the dirt they were in and lo and behold, they just started popping up all over the place a week ago.  

I ran out of pots so I used what I have around the house.  cans, and empty toner boxes.  I poke holes on the bottom to drain excess water out. Just until I can find better containers.

because I'm on a financial crunch or Ms. El Cheapo, I didn't have much left to spend to buy steaks for the plants to support themselves, so I grabbed some extra long twigs laying in my yard and form a pyramid and tied them at the top with crochet yarn.  Hope they will do the job.

These container were given to me by a friend who use to have house plants.  Thank goodness.  I saved money on that.  

I transferred my plants yesterday from their 4" inch container to these huge container, which hopefully will be their permanent home.  I chose to plant in container because, I'm knew to this and hopefully the more experience I get the more knowledgeable I will become and I'll continue to garden if I enjoy it and reap a positive benefits.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

First time planting tomatoes

This is my first time planting tomatoes.  Actually my second try.  The first time, I killed them.  After a week, I must have transferred them to quickly on their own and they quickly withered away.  So this time, I'm reading the instructions carefully and following them as much as I can remember.  I should have kept the instruction sheet.

Anyway I bought this tiny green house kit from homedepot for $5.00 and bought the just needed some seeds, which is ofcourse tomatoes seeds, to ad.  I added 3 or more seeds per pods.  and one week later (March 23rd) the plants germinated and are already 2 to 3 inches high.  I had to remove the lid.  But because it was still 40 degrees and below, I kept the green house in my room where it's much more warmer.

One week after seeding
photos taken on March 23, 2013 

So I moved the individual pods on pots.  But the problem was, is I only had 5 pots available and I left the rest of the pods in the kit.  and somehow my pitbull puppies found them and destroyed them.  Luckily I had planted the 5 and took them outside and was able to save one pod from dying.  So now I have six tomato plants. I took these photos today.  So you guys can see their growth.

Soon I'll have some tomatoes. 
I think according to the instructions, it stated to wait for an entire month to plant them separately and slowly introduce them to outside sun light.  I guess I'm not following the instruction carefully, because this is only their 3rd week or less and they have been outside for a few days. in their own pots.
I did brought them inside the garage, to protect them from being destroyed from the rain.  And we have been having plenty of rain in the past few days.

I'm planning on moving them to a bigger container or create a raise garden by the fence, so the plants would use the fence to climb and support themselves.

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