Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Office Depot legal size paper compares to Target

Because I consider myself a small business owner, I tend to shop at my local Office Depot or Staple retail store for my office supply needs.  I needed some legal size paper today.  I was disturb by their prices.  I couldn't believe their legal size paper cost $13.49 and that was their cheapest.  I recalled last week while I was at Target that their legal size paper only cost $6.49.  So I decided to drive their and be sure before I purchase a couple stack of this expensive as* paper.  And sure enough, Target legal 500 sheet paper is only $6.49.  I bought two pack, is like buying one at Office Depot.  I hope Office Depot will pay more attention to Walmart and these other retailers around them for their prices, so they wouldn't loose any customer.  And speaking of that, while I was at Target I also bought some computer speakers (wired) for about $11 bucks.  Something that I use to be able to find at Office Depot also, but now can't.  I hope they make some changes soon or they will be putting a new sign in front of their building "Going out of Business" sign. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Loving my hair!

Loving my hair right now.  I hardly pays attention to it but I've stop abusing it for about a decade now.  No, perming, no hot iron, rarely blow dry (just in winter), no daily shampooing, I think, I can say, I'm benefiting the result.   What shampoo do I use, one and only Fructis.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Disney World trip in 2000

Clearing some clutter for the New Year and found some photos of the past.  Wow! 13 years ago!

Haniyyah, Michelle, ???, & Haayhuh

Morocon restaurant in Disney World

Sia-Maat and I

then back to work

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crochet Hat

I made plenty of crochet hat.  These hat are geared for anytime wear. I listed them on my etsy shop.  I didn't sell any.  Once it was time to renew the listings it was winter.  So I didn't relist them.  I end up rocking 'em.  Lol!

Now, I no longer dread winter but embrace it because of my newly found crochet skills.  You probably can't tell but I'm wearing a matching scarf.  

Tiny House on Wheels without the loft

I love the Tiny House movement, community, or lifestyle.  But I'm just not that crazy about sleeping on a loft.   Although I have seen some without the sleeping loft, this one by far is my favorite.  It was featured on Yahoo's homepage.

New Year

I made it another year.  And it means the beginning of a New Year.  New goals must be set.  A lot happened this year.

  • My ex-boyfriend went Psycho.  So now, I'm single.
  • I published 5 e-books on
  • Made it as #1 Best Seller on Needle work category on
  • My Etsy shop almost doubled its revenue this year.
  • Published a 2013 Handmade by Haniyyah Catalog
  • My online bookstore is running strong (containing almost 200 books or items)
  • Visited New Orleans 
  • Visited Savannah a couple of times (Yeah!)
  • TooT gave birth to 10 puppies.  
  • We lost Bella (one of blue pit)

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