Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dave and Chelsea's visits

Luv his black Mustang GT convertible.  Had to get a shot of it with him.

My brother Dave and his daughter Chelsea just left us few minutes ago and headed back to Jacksonville, FL.  It was nice to for them to visit as I rarely get visits from family since I am about 300 miles away here in Macon Georgia.  They stayed overnight and I had a chance to talk about a lot of things and I gave him some photos I have of Mom's and Dalton's trip to Phillippines.  But what he love the most were some of the old photos I have. 

Chelsea, Dave and Me

Chelsea, Dave and Jamie

Chelsea also had a chance to visit an online gaming friend of her and spent a night, which I'm not comfortable with.  But her father trust her even though he couldn't hardly sleep thinking about her.  She said she wants to be an astronomer.  That's beautiful, I also love astronomy.  and I must say even the 3 Wisemen in the bible were star gazers.  I think our future is definitely headed for the stars and astronomy is a great field to be in.  I want to plan a visit to Cape Canavral in Florida, to watch atleast, a take off and maybe enter a non gravity field.  That would be awesome.

My brother Dave is lucky to have such a beautiful family. 

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