Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is in full effect in Macon

beauty is everywhere 

watching Chopper heading through further in the yard

view from the midpoint of our backyard.  I'm really lovin out backyard

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why I don't like Google Chrome Desktop

So I already have google chrome web browser and is my choice of internet browser.  But lately I've been seeing lots of advertisement to download the desktop window version of google chrome.  Stupid me, I downloaded it and installed.  What a big mistake!  It is not for me, maybe for others, but definitely not for me.  My main reason for not liking it is:

1.  It opens like an app on my desktop, which I don't use the apps by choice.  I'd rather have the start button any day.  Windows really mess up on that.  and I know lots of people took decades and decades to get use to that and Microsoft got rid of it.

2.  Desktop Chrome for Windows works only by itself.  meaning, I can't do the two windows side by side.  Sometimes, I work, and watch a show like netflix of or my latest favorite, "Believe".  And Google Chrome has been my choice of PDF reader.  I usually save my pdf on my desktop and drag to a chrome browser to view or print it.  But now you can't freaking do it.  What a mess!

3.  I don't understand my Microsoft is forcing desktop users to act like our desktop is a tablet.  HELLO!!! We work on desktop and laptop because is work.  Tablet is really not for working!

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