Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sight seeing in Savannah

Here is a quick video of one of the many parks I visited in downtown Savannah Georgia

I love the fact that is truly a bike friendly city.  I want to move here just for that reason

I lived in Macon Georgia, which is about over two hours away, North West of Savannah Georgia.  And when I ran into a bargain deal of $4 round trip ticket (on Greyhound bus) to Savannah, I couldn't resist.  Of course you do have to book your trip over 21 days in advance  to get this super discount, but its worth it.  I left Macon Georgia at 10:40 am and departed from Savannah at 7:40 pm.  It took over two hours each way.  So by the time the bus arrived in Savannah it was about 1pm.  That left me with 6 hours of sight seeing, grab lunch, and desert in between.  And it was plenty of times.  I was on foot carrying a light weight bookbag with my tech gear inside, to help keep me occupied during the trip.

Anyway here are my photos of Savannah Georgia sight seeing downtown.

River Street, literally walking by the river.  Plenty of shop and a haven for tourists. 

I took an elevator to get to the River street

one of the many eclectic shop on River street.

this is a candy factory, I stop taking photos, because I grabbed a chocolate sundae cone

River Street in Savannah Georgia

Horse carriages are a thing of the past, but in Savannah Georgia

I was really taken that Savannah is a bike friendly city

bicycle cabbies 

Tourists trollies, you'll see them every few minutes all over the historic midtowne of Savannah Georgia

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