Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jamie and I photo

Finally, Jamie and I official photo for 2009.  I wanted a photo to send to Hilda and the rest of the family. 

We decided to take a digital photo together at her new apartment.  It turned out beautifull. 

Counting the days she starts at the community college here in Macon.  She's going after her two year degree as an Internet Specialist.  I think it will be a breeze for her.  She's already an internet guru and a talented graphic artist. 

Her latest project is her boyfriend's website  She have completed the introduction page so far with a touch of flash image.  and have started working on her web theme.

I'm .82 cents away from obtaining my $100.00 goal for my adsense this month.  Not bad for a brand new blogger.  and lovin it.  My goal is $2,000 per month.  But I probably need some sorth of social site for that kind of residual income.

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