Thursday, February 23, 2012

700cc Schwinn Ladie's Bike Bicycle from Walmart

I finally got the bike.  This bad boy been on my wish list for some time now.  I wanted a bike. Something easy to ride like a beach cruiser.  So i bought  beach cruiser and not realizing that it wasn't going to work for me because Macon Georgia treachorous hills.  I needed something that will allow me to switch gears but with a comfortability of a beach cruiser.  And here it is folks.  The Hybrid, 700cc Schwinn Beach Cruiser.  I love it. 

I bought a rear rack that folds when you don't need it.  got it from ebay for about $30 bucks.

It came with a bell already. The last bike I bought I had to purchased this seperately.

overview of the folding rear rack basket that's attached to the rack on the back of the bicycle.  Now I can ride to the post office and drop off packages. 

I love this schwinn 700cc ladies bike bicycle

got it from walmart and they installed or put it together for me with no additional charge.

check out the video below.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to handle negative or adverse forces?

I almost lost my divinity today because an ebay seller just came at me soooo negative.  But after reviewing some of her feedback, I saw that It was not me but that is just the way she handles people, very aggressive and disagreeable.  One of her feedback stated that she used profanity and threatened people via email.  I received the same thing.  Even after lifting my positive shield up she still had to come back with name calling and more negativity. 
What was so strange about this individual is she sells things to help with your divinity.  Can you imagine the type of energy that carries with her items for sale.  I'm glad I wasn't able to use her products or didn't even get a chance to use.  I do believe it would have just brought negativity in its presence.  There was just something creepy about her. 

Anyway, I held my breath like a lady and didn't let my tounge loose out of control.  I refuse to be like that monstrous ebay seller.  I just couldn't believe her anger.  Someone please pray for that witch... literally.

How did I handle it.  I didn't respond how she expected or wanted me to.  I remain calm and didn't let the demon in her affect my emotion and ruin my day.  I pause for a moment before responding to her and imagined how the essenes of any mystic order would have responded to the situation.  I didn't feed to her venemous fire but I quickly surrounded my self with calm water to deflect her negative energy.  Some people are plain creepy like their mama.

UPS the way they deliver

Maybe he was just in a hurry, but oh my gosh!  Wouldn't the UPS driver aka UPS delivery man would have noticed that the shit he delivered me has been damaged?  Bought these bargain screen printing frames from ebay and saw the delivery man from across the street and I immediately got excited because I have been expecting him today.  Saw him walked away from the porch... but I was trying to figure out why my boyfriend was calling him to come back.  So hurried up to the house and my boyfriend was explaining to the UPS man about the damage and what was he going to do about it.  The UPS man said he made a note and did I want to ship the damage part back and keep the rest?   HUH??? I said, I told him I will notify the seller and that he should have noted before he left that the damaged was there instead of us noticing it at first.  This is UPS fault and was just going to walked away with it.

Find these on ebay - CLICK HERE

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hobby Press Kit by Ryonet

Question:  What does the Hobby Press Kit by Ryonet comes with?
Answer:  The Hobbykit comes with the following:
  • One Aluminum Hobby Press w/13x15 print board
  • One 16x20 156 mesh standard wood T-shirt screen
  • 8 ounches of white water based ink (suppose to prints up to 50 images)
  • 8 ounches of black water based ink (suppose to prints up to 50 images)
  • One 10" Ink Squeege
  • 5 Sheets of Positive Film 8.5x11
  • Screen Degreaser (concentrated - makes 8 ounces)
  • One Pint of water resistant emulsion - coats about 15 screens
  • Emulsion remover (concentrated - makes 8 ounces)
  • 2 ounces of print board adhesive to hold garments in place (will last several hundred prints0
  • 2 sheets of parchment paper
  • 12" scoop coater to make emulsion application easy
  • Screen block out tape - 2" wide 55 yard roll
  • 500 Watt Exposure light
  • 5 Ultimate ink cards - these makes ink application and clean up a lot easier!
  • Two mini scrub pads for applying chemicals
  • Five Rubber gloves
  • Detailed instructional DVD 101
  • Detailed instructional Hobby Kit DVD
  • Detailed written instructions
Question:  What do I like most about this kit?
Answer:  It literally comes with everything you need to start printing.  And the second reason why I truly love this kit is because it came with some very useful DVDs.  Because I know nothing about the screen printing other than what I watched on youtube, the DVDs are very helpful and very detailed.  It came with four DVDs.  And I caught the Kit on sale.  The kit usually cost over $200 and I was able to purchase it for $149.99 + a free 500 Watt Exposure Light. 

Question:  Have you started yet?
Answer:  No I have not used it.  I have installed it to an old kitchen table and placed all of the materials on the table.  Watch the video couple of times.  and I even purchased new screens from ebay.  21x21 with 110 Mesh Screens. 

Question:  What is the reason for the delay?
Answer:  The first artwork we decided to print on T-Shirt is designed on 11x17 Film.  I want to use as much space as possible, covering the entire screen.  I want a large artwork on apply on T-Shirt.  We finally finished the artwork and planning on sending it to Kinkos to Print on Transparency film.  Because the film we received with this kit is 8.5x11, standard size paper.  We wanted a larger image. 

Soon I will post the first T-shirt that's been screen printed with this kit and let you guys know the turn out. 

Question:  Is there something you didn't like about this kit?
Answer:  The only thing so far is the mesh I had to clean up after unboxing the Hobby Kit.  There were so much styrofoam balls in my living room.  But I was so excited like a kit opening a present on Christmas Day.  I've always wanted this kit and now its mine... all mine  HA!  HA!  HA!

Watch me unboxing the kit.

To get your very own screen printing hobby kit,  click the link below 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crochet Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

I just recently purchased a brand new Wacom Bamboo Tablet.  It cost me about $99 + tax at Best Buy.  But I forgot to grab a case or sleeve cover for it.  So I crochet one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Schwinn Admiral 700cc Women's Bike

I purchased this bike from Walmart for $159.00 + tax, using the site to store.  So there were no fees for shipping and handling.  and the main reason why I used the "site to store" option is because, after reading the reviews on line, its best to use the "Site to Store" because they can assemble the bike for you at the store.  And since I know nothing about the engineering of bikes nor am I a bike enthusiast, I opt for a professional to do such bidding for me.

and if I'm not mistaken, after a stroll at the park last week, I saw a woman riding the same similar bicycle.  I think that moment, I made up my mind which bike to purchase.  My budget was a tad bit below but I figure, this bike might be worth the price.

Schwinn Admiral 700cc Women's Bike
and yeah... it comes with a rear rack.  I don't have to spend extra money to purchase one.  I've already bought a folding rack to attach on one end of the rear rack. 

Bought this on ebay - to buy yours click here

To buy yours - click here

How to check your high speed internet

I wanted to see if my internet speed is really 3G.  Whatever the hek that means.  Its suppose to be fast enough to be able to watch your favorite tv show like Fox Fringe, or ABC's Desperate Housewives.  Anyway, I remember speaking with a customer service at AT&T and they use to check my internet speed.  So I used it today to check my internet speed using Virgin Mobile Cellphone.  I captured a screen shot of the results. 

Screen Shot of SpeakEasy Speed Test

My results shows that 1.61 Mbps download with 0.34 Mbps upload speed.
I don't think that's 3G. 

Anyway if you really want to know if you're receiving 3G you should try
Its Free.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crochet Case Cover for your ereader

This is actually my 2nd attempt creating a crochet cover for my e-reader.  I bought this e-reader or tablet on for $99.00  What I do like about it is it take photos, videos,and play audio, and video.  But I mainly use it for storing all of my PDF files or ebooks.  Anyway, I created this crochet case cover for my ereader. 

These crochet case cover will be available for sale on my etsy account.

I used a single stitch for this pattern.  and I'm planning on adding a button to hold the clasp in place.  Keeping your ereader snug inside.
For more on my etsy product visit my etsy account  by clicking HERE

Crochet Case for Barnes and Nobles Nook ereader

I've seen them on and I immediately grab some of my available yard and started crocheting.  I'm planning on listing them on my www.etsy account.  So if you're interested I'll be selling these hand-made, crochet, Nook cover case, to help protect your ereader. 

Nook Simple Touch crochet case cover

It just hugs your nook comfortably

I used single stitch for this pattern.  

I added a loop to go around a button.  But as you can see I haven't sewn the button to the cover as of yet.
visit my etsy store and check out some of my handmade stuff.  CLICK HERE

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