Sunday, December 25, 2011

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Loft Phone review

I was really suprised that Virgin Mobile have a plan for $30 per month for 1500 anytime minutes with 1500 text and 500 MB.  All of this for $30.00 per month.  It might just work for me.  I'll see how it goes for this first month.  It looks like a Black Berry.  It has a full keyboard so you can text your heart out.  It only cost me $49.00 brand new at

If you have a teenager, I think this phone and plan is perfect.  $30.00 per month is not bad. 

Anyway check out my video review of this phone.

Irobot 7" PC Tablet

I purchased this Irobot 7" PC tablet from ebay in the beginning of this year.  I've done a review on it and wanted to do a bit of comparison from the Barnes and Nobles Nook ereader.  Watch the video for my review.

The Good
  1. The price is only $120.00
  2. 7" inch
  3. Full Color
  4. It has speaker
  5. It takes pictures and video (yes it has a camera)
  6. It plays music - all kinds
  7. It plays videos - most kinds
  8. It reads PDF documents and others
  9. It has installed apps
  10. Expandable Memory SD card slot
  11. It has a gadget that allows you to attached USB device.  I've attached and read some of my USB discs
  12. Head phone jack
The Bad
  1. You need an Android Phone to download Android apps for it
  2. No page turner like other e-reader ( I guess because its more than an e-reader)
  3. Battery life sucks (I might have to find a new battery for it)
This would have been the ideal tablet of the Millennium if the battery life was decent.

How Nook - Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Reader - handles PDF files

The all new Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Reader - Nook handles PDF files. 

The Good:
  1. It has expandable memory - so you can load up all of your PDF on one e-reader. 
  2. the page turner are amazing.  Just slide your thumb left or right and the page turns
  3. It has search capability
  4. It has bookmark capability
  5. The screen looks sharps and clean
The Bad:
  1. Can't rotate screen for better viewing
  2. Can't zoom PDF files -  My PDF are old books scanned and converted into PDF.  So they are really a whole bunch of JPEGs and then combined together to form each book.  -  and Nook can't zoom to the pages.

Why buy the Nook Tablet vs the Amazon Kindle

Why I bought the Nook by Barnes of Nobles vs the Amazon Kindle.  The main reason why I chose Nook Simple Touch Reader vs Amazon Kindle is simple,  the EXPANDABLE SD CARD SLOT.  I actually have my personal collections of ebook in PDF format.  and is the main reason why I wanted an E-Reader.  and since the Amazon Kindle didn't have an expandable card slot, I opt for the Nook by Barnes and Noble.  Some of my PDF files are over 100 mb and I have close to 100 PDFs and without the expandable memory in Amazon I chose the Nook. 

What I like about the Kindle
What I do like about the Amazon Kindle as oppose to the Nook is the sleek style and it looks much thinner.  The Kindle is still on my list and I am planning on buying one.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Its 5 days before Christmas

My netbook keyboard is not working 100% .  The key "s" is hard to press.  I lifted it a bit and blew underneath it.  Hopefully that removed whatever debris was under there.  and having my finger cross from doing any damage.

So five days before Christmas.  and I just got served.  Results wants me to move out by Tuesday.  Isn't that Christmas?  They really put people out during the holidays.  Some people just really lack the holiday spirit.  If there's even a such thing as a holiday spirit.  Although I am trying to keep a smile on my face and not let circumstances befall me.

This year have been good to me.  Not so much of a headache other than the usual.  I have been bless with the online bookstore doing smoothly so far.  I am trying to keep  up with the demands.  and Trying to find ways to take the bookstore to the next level.  It's really hard when I'm using the money I make to pay personal bills instead of getting new equipment and marketing materials.  It's really hard.  I need a small investments, like $5,000.00 

What would I use it for:
  1. New b/w printer
  2. Book covers
  3. New cutting machine
  4. paper stock
  5. office supplies stock - envelopes, tapes, packing materials
  6. Marketing Materials - oversized postcards
  7. Poster size calendars
  8. Bookmarks - for giveaways (promotional)
  9. Bookmarks - for sale
  10. Greetings Cards
  11. Heat Press - for creating full color designs on Tote Bags
  12. Silk Screen Printing  Equipment - for T-Shirts, Tote Bags or maybe a YUDU Machine
  13. New Digital Camera
  14. Amazon Kindle
Anyway back 5 days of Christmas: 

I think my daughter got me the Kindle.  I can't freaking wait.  I was planning on getting Tracy one.  Maybe if I make an additional $100 before Christmas, I can do so. 

I did bought Jamie some presents.  $30 worth of stuff from ELF a jewelry organizer.  I might have to get her something else.  Like a bathrobe, slippers, and etc.  I might have to hit the mall tomorrow.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 Wish List

My 2012 Wish List.

This year, I was able to get a few things off my list.  I was really suprised that I was able to get some things. 
  1. A brand new 17" HP Laptop
  2. A brand new HP Netbook
  3. I even bought a PC tablet from the ebay.  But it doesn't work as good as I expected it too.  So don't buy a PC tablet that pretends to be an Android and its not.
  4. I do have a bike but I bought that last year.
  5. We did moved into a 3br 2ba house.  But we are moving again before the end of this year.
  6. I did get a new phone and I did love the email features, so I could get instant notification.  But BoostMobile said I used my phones for conference calls and was suspended so now I'm using Virgin Mobile and the email features is not as good as BoostMobile.
  7. I did get four desks.  and I do love them.  two of them I bought from craigslist for $30 each and two of them Tracy bought them for $19.00 each from Forsyth, GA
So now my 2012 Wish List:
  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Dome Shelter using Metal conduits. (atleast I want to be able to build the frame)
  3. New b/w printer - that prints better and faster
  4. sharpen my blade for my book cutter
  5. Shelving Unit for books display (either built in or bookshelves from Rosas)
  6. Acrylic Magazine Holder - Display Books
  7. Postcards printed by Vista - 3 different kinds
  8. Buy more toner for CD printing -
  9. Update CD pages - add images of the ones I've designed already
  10. Queen size bed - 6 drawer dresser with legs (like a credenza)
  11. Over the door shoe organizer
  12. 49cc Scooter
  13. Work Chevy White Van
  14. Thermal Book binder
  15. Washing Machine & Dryer
  16. Heat Press
  17. Silk Screen Printing Kit - from ebay

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra - The Lawyer Housewives of Atlanta

I've been watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season.  and I had to watch it over because I could have sworn that Phaedra, the Lawyer told Sheree that she wasn't going to charge her.  But I wasn't quite sure.  So when Sheree decided to go for the childsupport, Phaedra told her that the retainment cost $5,000.00  I had to watch it again.  And Phadra did told Sheree that she wasn't going to charge her.  and not to worry because she has a Pitbull in her team!   LOL!  at the end of the day, Phaedra confirmed that Lawyers are Liars!!!

How she gonna buy a brand new Porsche
and then ask for childsupport.

How to fix Adobe Photoshop that refuses to load or start

I haven't been able to function since yesterday.  I'm lifeless without my Photoshop.  I tried everything.  I tried uninstalling and re-installing it.  that didn't work.  So I thought it might be a virus.  So i downloaded a FREE antivirus AVG.  Scan my computer for viruses and that didn't work.  Maybe its my internet temporary or history files.  I deleted them and that still didn't work.  So I even tried System Restore Point.  Restored my computer to two weeks ago, and that didn't work. 

Finally I google the subject and I found the website that freed me from headaches and pain.

Watch the video and I followed one technique from the forum above and it works.  My Photoshop is back in full motion. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Is there a GOD?

If there is god, why does he allows people to suffer?

Why does he allow children to be molested for 20 years and have children by their perpetrator?  like the Duggard, who was abducted at 11 years old, imprisoned in the monster's backyard and sexually repeated and even had two children by this monster.  If god is real, why does god allow for innocent children to go through such torture?

If God is real, why can't he just make all of evil dissipate into nothingness.  If he's the creator of the boundless universe and so on and so on.

If God is real why did he have to create the flood of Noah and kill everyone in the earth in those days and times.  That means that god drowned all of the animals, children, and old women.  If god is so merciful why does he kills people?

Why is the god of the universe, the omnipresent, omniscience, and all knowing and loving god is a JEALOUS GOD?

Why does god feels like he has to make a deal with the devil?  as in case of Job.

Why is the devil have the ability to be in the presence of god?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to get FREE internet service.

I love technology.  And technology is getting better everyday.  My friend told me about this service she have that allows her to access the internet at high speed at no charge.  Its called PDAnet  or what many calls  

How does it works?
First of all you're going to need a cell phone with Android app.  Download the software for a low one time fee.  Then connect your computer to your cell phone via USB

Friday, November 25, 2011

How to use the Coleman Propane Lantern

Coleman Propane Lantern
Model 5159
Cost me $24.00 at my lcoal Walmart

I never used one of these.  I visited and read reviews and it had great reviews.  I visited my local Walmart and so it for sale for $24.00 and $25.88 at  So I decided to buy one today.  As I said, I never used a Coleman Propane Lantern before or any propane lantern.  So I wasn't sure on how to operate it or set it up.  It says you suppose to burn the mantle.  I have no idea what they were talking about.  After reading the manual that came along with it, I still wasn't sure or wasn't confident enough to know what to do.  So here is what to do.

These are the mantles.  There are two of them.  They look like mini sack and are being held with metal wire that are twisted.  I removed the top by unscrewing the lid of the lantern and also removed the glass.  and then twisted a piece of paper and lit the two mantles.  I waited for them to burnt out and then push the ignition. This particular lantern have an automatic ignition.  and Poof its on. 

Oh... you do have to put the glass and lid back on before re-lit.

So our lights our out.  and I've bought some emergency candles.  They did the job.  But I wanted more lights.  So I bought a small battery operated lantern for $5.00 at Walmart.  I bought rechargeables batteries.  It needed 4 AA batteries to run.  I bought a battery charger with 4 recharable batteries included and cost me over $13.00 and with the $5.00 cost of the actual lantern.  and I tried and its still not powerful enough.  Although I fell asleep and woke up the next morning, the lantern is still on.  I think its perfect for camping and if you needed a night light, this lantern is perfect.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Personal Shopping Cart

I bought a personal shopping cart from  It has four wheels and it folds for tucking it away easily and conviniently.  Today is the first day I'm using it to do laundry.  I usually use my Whitmor Rolling Utility cart that I also purchased from, but it can't carry the amount of loads I have to wash.  The only problem was, I had to quickly cut up some fabric to create a bag to fit my rolling cart so I wouldn't have to use plastic bags for my laundry. 

I am really happy how easily it is to pull and the large wheels makes it easy to go through some rough roads like, gravel and grass.  On top of that I was able to carry over 3 loads of clothes to fit in 3 triple load machines.  So I'm washing my towels, sheets, throw blankets and my personal dirty clothes.  Amazing! 

This personal shopping cart really helps me alot.  So what are you waiting for, help make your life easier by purchasing one of these at

That's my cart.  I did removed the bag that I made for it to wash it also.  and guess what?  this picture was taken with my new HP Mini Netbook. 

Loving Life!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finally a new laptop

I first want to thank the Most High for blessing me today.  I was able to purchased a much needed new laptop.  My old laptop is an HP and ofcourse I opt for a newer and better HP. 

My Old:
15" size screen
2GB in processing speed
80GB of aloted space

My New HP:
17" size screen
4GB in processing speed
+ Intel Processor
446 of aloted space

Finally, I can accept new work for graphics and web design service.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Stray Dog name Sausage in between riot in Athens

Sausage, a stray dog, is seen between riot policemen and a masked protester during a demonstration in Athens October 5, 2011. Sausage the riot dog is an amiable ginger mongrel resident of Syntagma Square in central Athens, who doesn't mind if you show up for a day of mayhem as long as he can join in. For the record: some people call him Kanellos -- Cinnamon. The Athens municipality, which has known him since 2006 as Dog Number 1842, prefers Loukanikos -- Sausage. Picture taken October 5, 2011. To match GREECE-DOG/ REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis (GREECE - Tags: CIVIL UNREST ANIMALS SOCIETY)

I just hope, that Sausage is being fed and taken care of properly.  Specially after all this publicity stunt he's getting.  I hope he is no longer astray and now someone's pet.

The Best Tuna Sandwich

Where to get the best Tuna Sandwich in Macon? I would have to say Joshua Cup Coffee House. They really embodied the art to the Tuna Sandwich.

Boar's Head Tuna Sandwich Meal from Joshua Cup. The best in town!

What really top this meal is the dip added for your chips. It is delicious.

This is not your tasteless Tuna sandwich from Subway, it is Joshua Cup Coffee House Boar's Head Tuna Sandwich.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gimp the Free Image Editing software

I just bought an HP Netbook 110.  I use it for surfing the net, listen to music, watch videos, and store some of my PDF documents and photos,  but most of all I use it to blog.  But I ran into a problem, because of the time, when I post a blog, I like to include an image I've taken with my digital camera.  and what I found out is, it takes forever to uplaod a raw image from your digital camera.  Although my Sony cybershot only taks 7.2 mega pixels, most digital camera now a days are taking double digits image pixels, like 10 and up, and those images are too big to upload which takes time to upload to your blog, specially when using more than couple of images. 

My HP Laptop have Adobe Photoshop CS.  I have been using Adobe Photoshp since the 3.0 version, which is over 12 years ago.  So I am very accustom to using Adobe Photoshop.  But I wanted to install an image editting software to my netbook, that simply allows me to change the image so my image file wouldn't bee to heavy to upload to my blog.  And a quick search on google, I landed on a GIMP.  GIMP is a free image editting software.  I quickly turned to YouTube to see its credentials.  and OMG I am sold.  and I quickly downloaded this FREE software and it works for my needs so far.  I can resize and regress the resolution of my images and upload them quickly and fast now to my blog.  Thanks GIMP.

To dowload GIMP for Windows click here

There are plenty of  video tutorials on YouTube

Monday, October 3, 2011

Netbook bag

Took a walk to office depot to buy printable CDs to complete some orders.  But I just couldn't resist it.  It was only for $9.99   Its perfect for my 10" netbook.  I do believe it was on sale.  Bought it at Office Depot. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag, A Great Companion

Ever since I bought my Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag, everyday errands have it easier to manage.  I'm using it, two to three times a week to walk to the grocery store.  Thanks to my Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag, no more carrying heavy grocery bags and can even buy more with one trips.  It's has been really a big help to me. 

And today, I'm carrying two loads loads of laundry to wash at my neighborhood's laundry mat.  My washing machine wont' work right sometimes.  And I really need something to wear for the following week.  I load it up with my clothes, detergent, netbook, muffin and soda and off to walk to the laundry mat.  Now I only wish I would have found out about this bag years ago.  It really would have made a big difference in my everyday living and less sore back and shoulder. 

I recommend this bag for anyone who doesn't have a car to get around and have things to carry.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finally a New Netbook

My new HP Mini 110 Netbook

Man, this netbook been on my list like forever.  I really couldn't afford to get it this month, but I really really wanted it and needed it for a back up, just in case my old HP Laptop gives up on me.  I am very happy with it.  It just came with a battery and a charger. 

Question:  How the battery life?
Answer:  Well I tried charging it to the fullest before I headed out today.  But to my excitement, its not fully charged.  Right now, I'm running on battery, blogging inside McDonald in Macon and battery states 82% and 3hours and 41 minutes remaining.  Not bad.  That's one of the reason why I chose a netbook. 

Question:  Was it your first choice?
Answer:  YES, I was actually very specific on what type of netbook I wanted.  Because I am really impressed with my HP Pavilion Laptop, I staying with this brand.  Although, I was going to purchase the Acer Netbook due to a lower price, I think it was $20 or $40 less.  But I decided quality might be ideal and I wouldn't want to regret my purchase later and have to wonder what would it be like with this HP Mini. 

Question:  How much did it cost?
Answer:  $248.00 and ofcourse charged me tax extra $14.94 and shipping and handling for $.97 cents.  Not bad for shipping.  And the shipping arrived pretty quickly.  Ordered it Friday and arrived today on Wednesday.

Question:  What's the main reason for choosing a netbook vs a laptop?
Answer:  Compact size.  Perfect for blogging and staying connected online.  I'm an advent blogger and I love the portability and the battery life.  And it course its a few hundred dollars cheapter than a laptop.   Because of its large hardrive space of over 200GB thats plenty of virtual space to house all of my PDFs, Audio and Video files.  and I really love the edge to edge full size keyboard, webcam, mic, 3 USB slot and multiple camera card reader. 

My video review of my new HP Mini Netbook 110

Sitting at American Deli for lunch with my new HP Mini Netbook 110

USB slot, head phone jac/mic slot, peripherals to plug in a projector or a larger monitor.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keeliyah Meeting Toot for the first time

April 2011, Keeliyah was allowed to spend the weekend with us.  And I was concern about her and Toot.  But Dezmond made sure that Toot wasn't going to hurt Keeliyah in anyway.  I kinda felt sorry for Toot afterwards.  But as you can see in the following pictures, Toot was a healthy Pup.  Maybe she became too stressful for her and now she's just constantly sick and will devour anything she can.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Toot and Roxy are getting out of Hand

My two pittbulls are becoming out of hand according to my daughter.  To me they are just likes kids who needs attention and a schedule.  They ramsack the kitchen trash and poop all over the house while she overslept.  Is not the puppies fault.  Her boyfriend should have left them in the front room and locked them in there.  But instead, they were left without food and water.  So I don't blame them at all for what they have done.  Anyway I can't wait to go home and give them their treat and take them for a walk.  They must be very bored.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Toot is getting Better

Jamie took some pictures of Toot recently.  and I wanted to post them to show that she is getting better.  She literally lost all her facial hair and began loosing her body hair.  But her health took a better turn.  and she seems to be getting better.  I make sure she eats plenty and have plenty of fresh water daily.  I also gets her treat so it keeps her appetite rolling.  I try everything to keep her mange under control but her neck seems to be getting pink sometimes.  I rubbed it with Tea Tree Oil, sometimes Apple Cider Vinegar and bath her once a week.  I threw her big teddy bear that she likes so much, because I think its just loaded with fleas and mange micro bacteria. 

She's began a new habits, chewing on wood furniture and sleeping on my bed.  I think she got the sleeping on my bed from her sister Roxy.  Roxy thinks my bed is hers and you can't tell her otherwise.  But she is just so sweet so I let her get away with it.

I'm so happy to see her black and white face instead of her gray face.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rocket Stove, the most efficient way to cook outdoors

I read on the news online about these guys that created a non profit organization to give families in the third world countries these rocket stove.  And since I never heard of them, I decided to research about these rocket stove.  I looked on ebay and found these two types of rocket stove for sale for over $100.

The first I clicked on is selling for $125.00 and made out entirely on steel.  The only thing I don't like is, it says that you have to poor the ashes out per every meal you cook or for every two hours.  What if you want to use it as a camp fire.  I guess you have to keep pouring and re-starting the fire every two hours?  Anyway to get this rocket stove CLICK HERE  The seller also have a video link to hi rocket stove.  and I like that, watch below.

The other person selling another type of rocket stove is ebay user stovetec CLICK HERE to check out his stove.  and I think they are the two white men that are giving away 1000 stoves to family in the third world country.

The best one I like would have to be from   This site also teaches you how to make your own or purchase one for $45.00 and that included the shipping.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to make it in this tough economy

I just left the homepage of and there's an article on the homepage that caught my eye.  The article is about the jobless Americans and how this economy is taking a toll on many people. 

Here's my tips on how to make it in this tough economy.  Number one, you're gonna have to give up a few things.  But this is what I have done to stay afloat.  My lifestyle is very froogle.  Not by choice but by my way of life.  I use to have a full time job, as a graphic artist working for a local tabloid newspaper in town.  But my life was turned upside down when I lost my job.  I lost my apartment, car and basically my daughter and I had it rough for some time and still do but we are doing much better these days.  I learned how to live froogle lifestyle and have been living like this for a few years.  Anyway here are the tips:

I relocated and rented a house near where everything I need is walking distance.  My rent is currently $425 per month.  and I live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath southern Victorian style house.  and I really do appreciate the large space.  Grocery store, post office, and even some clients of mine are walking distance. 

I don't own a car.  So there's no car note, insurance payments, gas, and maintenance.  That's plenty of savings there.  Instead I opt for a bicycle, with basket on the front and rear rack on the back and planning on purchasing some panniers.

I also bought a personal cart for grocery shopping.  But the possibilities of use with this cart is endless.  I just use it for now for grocery shopping.  I drink plenty of water and buy gallons of water often and if you ever had to carry grocery  home, you know what I went through.  But thank goodness for who offers this cart for $19.00 and free shipping. 

I started blogging and earning money by placing google adsense on my blogs.  Its not much but it helps, it supplement my income.

I started selling stuff on ebay.  and now I'm currently averaging over $1000 per month on sales.  That's why it was important for me to be close to the post office.  Because I often drop off packages. 

I don't own a contract phone.  Instead I have Boost Mobile unlimited monthly plan.  $50.00 unlimited talk, text, and data.  My phone is not a smart phone, but it does takes pictures and checks all my 3 emails for new mails and notifies me, which is very convenient, I can quickly find out if I sold an item online. 

I don't have cable, or home phone.  My cell phone is fine.  and the internet keeps me update on what is going on in the rest of the world.  So I don't have cable.  Every now and then, I rent movies from REDBOX. 

I use the Virgin Mobile MIFI, for internet access.  Its $40 per month.  Unlimited data plan.  so they say but they slow your speed when you reaches 5000 MB or 5GB of data.  So I go to my nearest hotspot or wifi and watch my favorite show on my laptop and treat myself to a mocha cappuccino. 

I changed all of my lightbulbs for energy efficient ones.  So if I was using 100kw and I replaced it with 14kw.  Saves me money on my electric bill. 

I use an toaster oven instead of the stove when making cookies, biscuits, pot pies and other bake goods.  I save over 70% on electricity when using a toaster oven.  and did I mentioned that my toaster oven can fit a 12 inch pizza?  Yes, it does.  and I use a crock-pot to make huge meals that last me days and save money on groceries.

I don't buy new furniture.  I buy used furniture from and used furniture warehouse.  Save big money.

I don't use my dryer.  Just my washer and hang clothes to dry.  Especially towels, sheets, and blankets.  Who cares if they have wrinkles.  and my washer and dryer was purchased used.  So I save big on that.

What I don't cheat on, is my vegetable and water.  Since I don't currently have health insurance.  I make sure I eat plenty of vegetables, like fresh green beans, asparagus, and broccoli.  I am trying to live a lifestyle of prevention so I don't have to spend so much money on doctors and hospital bills.  I walk everywhere so I get my exercise.  I take care of my teeth and I try not to use so much chemicals. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony is innocent?

This case proves that there is no justice in the American Legal Justice anymore.  How much more proof do you need. The woman is a liar.  Whether the government found dna or medical evidence or not, Casey Anthony have proven to the world that she cannot be trusted and will lie her ass off. 

She was convicted only of four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators who were looking into the June 2008 disappearance of Caylee, her 2 year old her daughter. She lied about being employed at Universal Studios. She lied about leaving Caylee with a baby-sitter, then again when she recounted to investigators that she had told two imaginary people that Caylee was missing. She also lied about receiving a phone call from Caylee the day before she was reported missing. 

No matter what, she was responsible for her daughter's well being.  And She was present when her daughter supposedly drowned in the pool.  She was present when her father supposedly discarded of the body to make it look like they wasn't responsible for the incident.  Wasted the government officials, time, energy, and money by searching for her daughter while she knew the whole time where and what happened to her daughter.  Her ass was partying and getting tattoos while the fucking police were looking for her missing child that she claim someone kidnapped. 

And yet, the bitch is only charged with misdemeanor.  I wonder if the government will still go after her for child neglect. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Riding your dog and puppy on your scooter

I was just joking with my daughter about taking our dog for a ride on my scooter to come.  So I was curious to see if anybody thought of this and I wasn't surprised to find out that, YES, there are crazy and brave people out there.

Where the puppy right?  This woman is riding her baby on a scooter.  How the hell is she holding on?  I would have atleast put on one of those baby strap and a helment on the baby or and big ass leather jacket.  Just add anything and everything to secure the baby.  I understand you might trust your husband what about those bad ass fucking drivers.  For god sake, take the bus or better get a stroler.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

$1 for lunch

Yep, I'm on a budget.  But I don't want Ramen Noodles,  you know those noodles comes in square packs and you can purchase them as low as 5 for $1.00  Even though I am on a budget I think I can afford to splurge up on my lunch noodle.  So I bought this Bowl Noodles by Rich & Savory for $1 each.  It tells you to microwave after putting some hot water on it.  But I don't.  I just add boiling hot water and let it stand for couple of minutes or more.  And it totally beats Ramen Noodles.  or Maruchan cup noodles. 

Bowl Noodles by Rich & Savory

4 Wheel Deluxe Folding Shopping Cart from Walmart.

This is another item from my Wish List that I just recently purchased and for the first time, I used.  It's a personal shopping cart.  For people who don't have a car, like me, shopping can be a bit of a hassle.  Specially if you don't want to pay for expensive taxi or a cab.  And I drink water and plenty of it.  And since I don't have a filter just yet, I tend to buy gallons of water several times a week.  And boy, me carrying, gallons of water have taken a toll on me.  Until now.  I purchased this from with free shipping for $23.00 and that included tax.  And it says large personal shopping cart.  And they mean LARGE.  Here's the LINK. and photos below. 

I stuffed it with 3 pillows so you can get an idea of the size of this shopping cart.  It's a bit big for me.  The handle as you can see is as high as my waist or higher.  And I don't buy grocery in large quantity, unless I'm getting some bathroom tissue,  gallon of water, bleach, laundry detergent, you know heavy bulky stuff, this will be perfect.

4 wheel deluxe folding shopping cart.  Yes, it folds flat for easy storage. I wish I had this when I had to go to the laundry mat.  Thank goodness I have a washing machine now.
This is my cart with the stuff in it.  I placed it next to the furnace so you can see the size.  

I saw an elderly woman pulling one of these cart downtown few years back and I always wanted one and thought it would be nice to have.  But the store downtown were selling it for $39.99 and I thought that was a big pricey. I saw it on and it was only for $23.00  I like it so much that I want to buy a smaller one to tote my laptop bag, umbrella, and purse when going to the cafe or taking the bus.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dogs Gone Wild

Because of the heat index here in Georgia, I've been taking my two pitbull puppies later and later on in the evening.  As a matter of fact, we just came from our usual walk.  Which is walking from one corner to the the other corner of our street.  I just recently figured out how to walk two dogs.  and I don't even know if I'm doing it right.  Anyway, they went viral when the encountered a blue pit bull puppy today.  The Blue Pit was just so quite, I don't remember it barking at my puppies who apparently went berserk upon seeing another one of their kind.  I really thought Roxy was going to brake her neck, she was trying so hard to go after the Blue Pit.  the owner of the other dog, was just so cool at the whole episode, while I was panicking like crazy.  I didn't know whether I could keep control of my dogs gone wild.

I was on the phone when I saw the other dog and its owner on its way.  I immediately told Lady T, that I would call her back.  I really just wanted to keep Toot away from the other dog because of her mange.  But the owner just literally just stood there and let her dog tried to get acquainted.  I had to squat in front of my puppies to stop from pulling their leash.  I was afraid I was hurting them and they will feel this pain later on.  Roxy voice got horse from barking sooo loud and sooo much. 

Well atleast the ordeal has passed and my puppies are just laying on my bedroom floor right now.  I guest they are also tired from this experience.  I really have to teach them how to walk with me without going viral when they see other dogs.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 15, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse

Yep, America missed this one.  America wasn't so privilege to have one of the greatest show on earth on June 15, 2011, A Total Lunar Eclipse.  But people in Asia, Philippines, Africa and Russia definitely had an amazing view of the ECLIPSE.  Here are some photos from around the world.

The moon turns red during total Lunar Eclipse of the moon seen in Nairobio, Kenya, June 15, 2011. Asian and African night owls were treated to a lunar eclipse, and ash in the atmosphere from a Chilean volcano turned it blood red for some viewers. Astronomical calculations confirm that it would be one of the two longest total lunar eclipses of the century. A total of 85 total lunar eclipses, according to the scientists, will be taking place this century of which the longest total lunar eclipse will occur on July 27, 2018.

The Earth completely casts its shadow over the moon in a total lunar eclipse as seen in Manila, Philippines before dawn Thursday June 16, 2011. The total lunar eclipse was also visible in most parts of Asia.

The shadow of the earth falls on the moon during a total lunar eclipse in Malaga, southern Spain, late June 15, 2011. Picture taken using a long exposure. REUTERS/Jon Nazca (SPAIN - Tags: 

Combination photo shows the moon as it undergoes a total lunar eclipse as seen from Jerusalem June 15, 2011. REUTERS/Nir Elias

A partial lunar eclipse is seen over the skies of Belgrade June 15, 2011. REUTERS/Marko Djurica 

A partially eclipsed moon rises on the sky over Belgrade, Serbia, Wednesday, June 15, 2011. The total lunar eclipse was visible throughout most parts of Europe on Wednesday evening.

A man walks by as a partially eclipsed moon rises on the sky over Belgrade Serbia, Wednesday, June 15, 2011. The total lunar eclipse was visible throughout most parts of Europe on Wednesday evening.

The moon turns red during a total lunar eclipse, as seen from Skopje, Macedonia, on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.

The lights of an aircraft are pictured as the shadow of the earth falls on the moon during a total lunar eclipse in Malaga, southern Spain, late June 15, 2011. Picture taken using a long exposure. 

In this 6-picture combo the Earth casts its shadow over the moon (beginning top left) in a Total Lunar Eclipse as seen Wednesday, June 15, 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

This five picture sequence shows various stages of a total lunar eclipse over Belgrade Serbia, between 20:30 and 21:30 local time on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. The total lunar eclipse was visible throughout most parts of Europe on Wednesday evening.

A lunar eclipse is seen over the Atomium in Brussels, early Thursday, June 16, 2011.

The earth casts its shadow over the moon during a total lunar eclipse seen from behind the Pantheon of Freedom sculpture, featuring a torch, at Three Powers Square in downtown Brasilia, Brazil, Wednesday June 15, 2011. 

A shadow falls on the moon during a total lunar eclipse as seen from Brasilia June 15, 2011. 

 A shadow falls on the moon during a partial lunar eclipse, at the Vittoriano monument on Piazza Venezia in Rome June 15, 2011.

The moon is seen behind the wall of Damascus gate in Jerusalem old city during a total lunar eclipse June 15, 2011.

Residents look at the moon during a partial lunar eclipse under the Roman pillars of the Temple of Hercules in Amman June 15, 2011.

The moon is seen behind the wall of Damascus gate in Jerusalem Old City during a total lunar eclipse June 15, 2011. The image projected onto the wall is part of the Jerusalem Festival of Lights.

A partial lunar eclipse is seen over the village of Zejtun, lit up for its parish church feast of Saint Catherine, in the south of Malta June 15, 2011. REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi 

The moon is seen behind an illuminated cross of Ayios Nickolaos church during a lunar eclipse over Nicosia, Cyprus, Wednesday, June 15, 2011.

A lunar eclipse in progress in Harare, Zimbabwe Wednesday, June, 15, 2011. A total lunar eclipse occurred in some parts of Africa, Asia, Middle East and Western Australia. The 100 minute period of totality is said to be the longest since 2000 according to Astronomers. 

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