Sunday, June 6, 2010

Inside my tote bag

It takes two bags to travel with these days.  Sometimes three.  My laptop bag seems to always go with me everywhere I go.  I guess by being a graphic artist, its just something you can't live home without.  Especially by being freelance and often working at your local coffee shop or where ever I can find a free wifi.  Anyway here's a pick at what's inside a graphic artist tote bag.

PSP.  Yes, it was meant for entertainment for your children and young adults.  But I do love my psp.  Whenever I have to show a my client  digital proof of their business card, instead of turning on my laptop which takes more time, I rather switch my psp and quickly get in and out of offices faster.  But my psp does keep me company on those long ride home in the greyhound bus.  It usually last between 5-8 hours of battery life and that's what makes it even perfect.

Sony headphones, book light, and additional battery for my laptop.  A necessity for traveling on the road and working.

I get carried away with USB cords.  Youll never know when you're gonna need one or two.

Since my daughter refuses to give me my Sony Cybershot Digital camera which uses a lithium battery, I'm stuck with this battery charger.  But what I do like about this charger is, you can plug it to your laptop via usb to charge it.  

back up battery for HP 15" Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC

two headphones, just incase you want to share your music to anyone.

USB diskettes, Coby USB enabled mp3 player, and RAC Lyra mp3 player.  
Love my Coby mp3 player because, it only cost me $19.95 for this little great device.  But it's not just an mp3 player,  it's also a radio, a voice recorder, and you can also use it to store data because it just plugs in to your computer via usb.  and it just needs one AAA battery to run for hours.  I use a rechargeable battery. 

My RCA Lyra mp3 player.  I bought this thing for my daughter for almost $80-$100.  I hold on to it because it uses SD cards.  So you can have multiple SD card with different music and stuff.  But it does have an internal memory.  my screen is crack, I know.  

I love this wireless access to internet.  But cricket service sucks.  One day it just started no working.  And Cricket customer service couldn't figure it out.  They even sent representative who stated that it might be the tower and they are spending millions of dollars to install new ones.  But due to their lack of quality customer service I discontinued it.  I thingking about getting a virgin mobile one.

It allows you to plug in more usb device to your computer.

car cell phone charger 

I haven't use this thing.  I just thought it might be useful oneday.

PUSH light.  Needs two AA battery to work.  Love it.

and everything fits in my HP bag.  I bought two of these at Office Depot.  They were on sale for $5.00  It's suppose to be a bag for HP portable photo printer. 

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