Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jamie and I photo

Finally, Jamie and I official photo for 2009.  I wanted a photo to send to Hilda and the rest of the family. 

We decided to take a digital photo together at her new apartment.  It turned out beautifull. 

Counting the days she starts at the community college here in Macon.  She's going after her two year degree as an Internet Specialist.  I think it will be a breeze for her.  She's already an internet guru and a talented graphic artist. 

Her latest project is her boyfriend's website  She have completed the introduction page so far with a touch of flash image.  and have started working on her web theme.

I'm .82 cents away from obtaining my $100.00 goal for my adsense this month.  Not bad for a brand new blogger.  and lovin it.  My goal is $2,000 per month.  But I probably need some sorth of social site for that kind of residual income.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vertical Designed Business Cards

I didn't have any choice but to design this business card in vertical mode.  They have to logo and too much information.  I never really like to include too much info on a business cards.  But it wouldnt be no issue if it was a flyer. 

General Manager, ABOC

Thank You Card

Custom designed Thank you card.

In need of a custom design Thank You Card for your business or organization?  and don't want to settle for anything but the best?  Visit my site at or email me at

Yellow Page ad for Optometrist

Yellow Page ad design for
Macon, Georgia

Designing for Yellow Page Book

This ad was designed for Midtowne Vision Center of Macon Georgia.  I thought it would be cool to use Dr. Miriam in the ad.  She is photogenic.  Plus she wears glasses which is their type of services and products.  Midtowne Vision Center is a optometrist company.  Check out their ad below.

In need of a custom design ad for your business or organization?  and don't want to settle for anything but the best?  Visit my site at or email me at

Bishop Dexter B. Lamar

I've designed plenty of stuff for Bishop before.  and he seems to be pleased.  From his website, calendars, business cards, and even bookmarks.  But he ordered the postcards below couple of months ago and never heard from him again.  Tried contacting him plenty of times but not successfully. 

Anyway check 'em out.  He must have stop ministering or either that just didn't like Lady T.  But he was the one who requested for her services.  Drama.

American Deli for Lunch again

Grab a couple of 10pc wings meal from American Deli today for lunch.  then in a couple of hours, we returned to the store to get a two litter Pepsi, Tissue, Snicker candy bar for Jamie and Hershey for me. Its soo gloomy today compare to yesterday which was a very nice day. 

My computer is in terrible shape.  I think I caught a bug but don't know how it entered my pc.  I tried everything. I tried system restore, pc recovery woldn't execute, tried downloading a free version and 30 day trial version of AVG and still didn't work.  The only think that I had luck on was Yahoo toolbar.  I downloaded Yahoo toolbar and use the SPYware thing.  and it notified that I have a hacker, trojan and plenty of cookies.  I'm really disappointed right now.  After all these years that I had this HP Pavilion laptop "editor's choice"  never had an incident such as this extreme. 

I usually able to fix anyting with the system restore.  and I didnt create a back up disk.  But luckily I dont have a lot of work and I was able to back up the little bit that I did have in it with my external hardrive. 

I really hate to loose this laptop because it have some software that I purchased online without a backup of them or their serial number such as my FLASH CREATOR "Swishzone".   Love swish it makes me look like a legit graphic artist and web designer. 

But I know it's reallytime for an upgrade.  Using my daughter's laptop right now that I purchased for her couple of years ago. 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Work Van

I've been  visualizing this VAN on my garage or parking space.  I really want one.  The perks of having one of these is unlimited.  Plus major advertising campaign.  All I have to do is park this bad boy on one of the busyiest corner ever (or office depot, staples, and fedex kinkos) and just sit tight and answers the calls of hundreds of  individuals with designs dilemma.  GOTS TO HAVE ONE!!!!  Plus, its just time for major upgrade.  I'm so gonna pimp this ride! 

Ques:  Should I set up a mobile office inside, like a virtual office?

Ans:  I would need some power supply, wireless internet connection capability.  Comfortable settings.  This would very awesome.  Yeah I can picture this now.... hmmm.... yep, yep. 

Scooter Research

I hope all of my research on scooters will aid me in choosing the right one for me.  But no matter what, this is only my first scooter.  Or like some ebayers would state "Perfect for Beginners Scooters".

So far I'm gearing to buying a 49CC Scooter. 

Ques:  What does 49CC Scooter means?

Ans:  According to ebay user radiatorconnection, it means anything over 49CC needs to registered with your Motor Vehicle and it needs to be insured. And further more they are street legal.  So for about $700 you get buy a brand new out the box 49CC Scooter on ebay.  

Ebay user Wildfire Motors also have some affordable 49CC Scooters. 

Ques:  Why choose a scooter for transportation.

Ans:  First of all, I live in a small town.  Macon Georgia is approximately 56 square miles.  and while you can get over 60-70 miles on one gallon on scooter,you can also zip in and out the traffic, not that we have any.  And as far as parking space issues.... with a scooter that is not an issue.  Besides some of the most innovative countries in this world uses scooters as their mode of transpotation, such as Italy with their amazing VESPA scooters.  Another advantage, I've seen two people on a scooter.  Ofcourse I would have to loose a little bit of weight, just kidding. 

Sucker for Mexican Food.

Helped T. customized a form for his business today, hopefully it would help him land the contract.  All this done with his laptop in the car.  Afterwards headed for dinner at our only choice of Mexican cuisine in Macon, El Sombrero, located on Mercer University Blvd.  Good eat'in and plenty for later.

Good that he stop by.  I was able to retrieve some items and paper work I left in his vehicle. 

Family Photos - Cookout after Christmas?

They are having a cook out after Christmas?  Hilda sent me some photos today via her cell phone.  I was so happy

Love this picture (l/r) Jolisa, Nola and Hilda my sisters, and my nephew,  Johnny's son.
Is Jolisa pregnant again? 

Why Use Calendars as Giveaways?

The calendars above are designed for Sushi Thai Restaurant of Warner Robins Georgia.
They offer her customer some vital information about her restaurant, offer discounts and coupons, notice of her new HIBACHI service and a FREE calendar with mouth watering images of her cuisine.  This shows a great way to let your customers know that you appreciate them by giving them a FREE calendar which they will keep for an entire year or more.   For more information one my design and print services of calendars visit my website at or email me at

Or to find out more about Sushi Thai Restaurant visit them online at 

Calendars are a great marketing tool.

One of the best ways to help promote your business, organization or events is a calendar.  Here, I designed couple of calendars for Dr. Osh and Associates.  These are one page, poster calendars.  They are 11x17 sheets in full color and custom design for this specific podiatrist company.   Using a large image at top page with a the entire year 2010 calendar.  I've listed each of their four locations in middle Georgia with the emphasis of their main location in Macon Georgia.  I also highlighted their website, which I designed.

My customer really couldn't decide to which one they choose for their calendar and decided to keep all designs.  Especially the third, the one with both male and female feet and legs showing.  The last two designs gave a little introduction about the company and what makes them stand different from the crowd.

For more information one my design and print services of calendars visit my website at or email me at

Or to find out more about Sushi Thai Restaurant visit them online at  
I'm very affordable but not dirt cheap!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

UFO Sightings in Sicily Italy

Recently we reported a UFO event that was witnessed by many in the skies above Sicily in Italy. Now it is being reported that a UFO almost identical in appearance to the one seen in this  previous event has been seen and photographed again, this time in the vicinity of the city of Messina (photo below).
The UFO sighting took place on 21 December at around 11:30am. A local doctor was looking out of the window when he saw a silent silvery spherical UFO cross the skies above his surgery. The witnessed managed to take a photograph of the UFO and the image is now being studied by the Messina UFO Research Centre

repeatedly, as if Messina were, like the Strait, a way of normal channel of communication and transit ovni and 'Sparkler' unidentified.

Newsletter Designs


The 2nd edition of PLA Newsletter
Again this is a one sheet newsletter, doublesided and lavish of colors.  This month color scheme is apple green.

Newsletter Designs

This is a monthly newsletter design for Progressive Leadership Academy, short for PLA.  It only have one sheet of 8.5 x11, full color and double sided.   The customer wanted something with vivid colors.  and her color she chose a burgundy  and touch of gold.  This was the first edition.

Universal Light Christian Center

Banner Design for
Universal Light Christian Center
151 Madison Street, Macon, GA 31201
(478) 741-1171

Vacation Bible Study Flyer

Vacation Bible Study flyer design for 
151 Madison Street, Macon, GA 31201

Letterhead design for PLA

Letterhead design for Progressive Leadership Academy

Dr. Jacqueline Walden

Business Cards Design for 

Dr. Jacqueline Walden 
Principal at Joseph B. Riley Elementary School
3522 Greenbriar Rd., Macon, GA 31204
(478) 779-2050

Barbara Jones-Franklin, Ed.S.

Business Cards Designs for
Assistant Principal at Joseph B. Riley Elementary School
3522 Greenbriar Rd., Macon, GA 31204
(478) 779-2050

Business Cards Designs

Business Cards Design for
Chanelle Sweet, Ed.S.
Assistant Principal at Walter P Jones Elementary School
2350 Alandale Dr., Macon, GA 31211
478-779-3600 office 

Tricycles for Adults or Adult Tricycles

I was looking for a beach cruiser online.  I wanted a beach cruiser bike, due to its comfort label and the simplicity of the ride.  A beach cruiser rider, is not looking for speed on the pavement but what it offers best, which is more comfort level than your typical bike.  And from the results of my online search, I ran into what I thought was the coolest thing since bicycles,  THE TRICYCLE.

Amazon offers a Westport Adult Folding Tricycle for about $260.00 and they seems to offer FREE Super Saver Shipping Not bad.  Other sites would probably cost more including the shipping.  But let see what Walmart has to offer.  Although I had plenty of bad experience purchasing bikes from Walmart, lets just see what they have to offer.  


They offer two different versions online and they have FREE shipping to store near you.

What I dislike about this is the 20" wheel.  They look kinda small.  But I guess that's why it has the ability to fold.  Perfect. for my VAN trips.  I can just haul it inside my VAN.  For $268.00 that's not bad at all.  I'm still debating on just getting a Beach Cruiser.  But it might cost the same.  The only thing I'm concern about is, I want to be able to ride my bike to more than just a neighborhood sight seeing.  I really want to use it to get around my.  and I don't know if that would be feasible.  Because a Bicycle can ride through sidewalks.  I wonder can tricycle fit in sidewalks?

But what I do like about the Industrial Tricycle is, they made it look so easy to adjust your seats and handle bars.  and plus did you notice how the handle bar move for storage solutions. click here to view the INDUSRIAL TRICYCLE

I want a tricycle

I really want a tricycle.  It looks fun to ride.  They might pay off at the end.  But what's really interesting is after watching the above video up top, I visited their website which is and found out that they have all sorts of non-mainstream bicycles and tricycles.  Really interesting, can't wait to try one or two kinds.

But what I have on my WISH LIST right now is a possibility of either a

with rear rack and wire basket upfront,  and maybe adding rear view mirrors and bell.  I don't think I like the horn or beep idea.  I think a beach bike would be perfect.  Plus it shouldn't cost more than a Tricycle.

Who wouldn't love a tricycle

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