Sunday, December 25, 2011

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Loft Phone review

I was really suprised that Virgin Mobile have a plan for $30 per month for 1500 anytime minutes with 1500 text and 500 MB.  All of this for $30.00 per month.  It might just work for me.  I'll see how it goes for this first month.  It looks like a Black Berry.  It has a full keyboard so you can text your heart out.  It only cost me $49.00 brand new at

If you have a teenager, I think this phone and plan is perfect.  $30.00 per month is not bad. 

Anyway check out my video review of this phone.

Irobot 7" PC Tablet

I purchased this Irobot 7" PC tablet from ebay in the beginning of this year.  I've done a review on it and wanted to do a bit of comparison from the Barnes and Nobles Nook ereader.  Watch the video for my review.

The Good
  1. The price is only $120.00
  2. 7" inch
  3. Full Color
  4. It has speaker
  5. It takes pictures and video (yes it has a camera)
  6. It plays music - all kinds
  7. It plays videos - most kinds
  8. It reads PDF documents and others
  9. It has installed apps
  10. Expandable Memory SD card slot
  11. It has a gadget that allows you to attached USB device.  I've attached and read some of my USB discs
  12. Head phone jack
The Bad
  1. You need an Android Phone to download Android apps for it
  2. No page turner like other e-reader ( I guess because its more than an e-reader)
  3. Battery life sucks (I might have to find a new battery for it)
This would have been the ideal tablet of the Millennium if the battery life was decent.

How Nook - Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Reader - handles PDF files

The all new Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Reader - Nook handles PDF files. 

The Good:
  1. It has expandable memory - so you can load up all of your PDF on one e-reader. 
  2. the page turner are amazing.  Just slide your thumb left or right and the page turns
  3. It has search capability
  4. It has bookmark capability
  5. The screen looks sharps and clean
The Bad:
  1. Can't rotate screen for better viewing
  2. Can't zoom PDF files -  My PDF are old books scanned and converted into PDF.  So they are really a whole bunch of JPEGs and then combined together to form each book.  -  and Nook can't zoom to the pages.

Why buy the Nook Tablet vs the Amazon Kindle

Why I bought the Nook by Barnes of Nobles vs the Amazon Kindle.  The main reason why I chose Nook Simple Touch Reader vs Amazon Kindle is simple,  the EXPANDABLE SD CARD SLOT.  I actually have my personal collections of ebook in PDF format.  and is the main reason why I wanted an E-Reader.  and since the Amazon Kindle didn't have an expandable card slot, I opt for the Nook by Barnes and Noble.  Some of my PDF files are over 100 mb and I have close to 100 PDFs and without the expandable memory in Amazon I chose the Nook. 

What I like about the Kindle
What I do like about the Amazon Kindle as oppose to the Nook is the sleek style and it looks much thinner.  The Kindle is still on my list and I am planning on buying one.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Its 5 days before Christmas

My netbook keyboard is not working 100% .  The key "s" is hard to press.  I lifted it a bit and blew underneath it.  Hopefully that removed whatever debris was under there.  and having my finger cross from doing any damage.

So five days before Christmas.  and I just got served.  Results wants me to move out by Tuesday.  Isn't that Christmas?  They really put people out during the holidays.  Some people just really lack the holiday spirit.  If there's even a such thing as a holiday spirit.  Although I am trying to keep a smile on my face and not let circumstances befall me.

This year have been good to me.  Not so much of a headache other than the usual.  I have been bless with the online bookstore doing smoothly so far.  I am trying to keep  up with the demands.  and Trying to find ways to take the bookstore to the next level.  It's really hard when I'm using the money I make to pay personal bills instead of getting new equipment and marketing materials.  It's really hard.  I need a small investments, like $5,000.00 

What would I use it for:
  1. New b/w printer
  2. Book covers
  3. New cutting machine
  4. paper stock
  5. office supplies stock - envelopes, tapes, packing materials
  6. Marketing Materials - oversized postcards
  7. Poster size calendars
  8. Bookmarks - for giveaways (promotional)
  9. Bookmarks - for sale
  10. Greetings Cards
  11. Heat Press - for creating full color designs on Tote Bags
  12. Silk Screen Printing  Equipment - for T-Shirts, Tote Bags or maybe a YUDU Machine
  13. New Digital Camera
  14. Amazon Kindle
Anyway back 5 days of Christmas: 

I think my daughter got me the Kindle.  I can't freaking wait.  I was planning on getting Tracy one.  Maybe if I make an additional $100 before Christmas, I can do so. 

I did bought Jamie some presents.  $30 worth of stuff from ELF a jewelry organizer.  I might have to get her something else.  Like a bathrobe, slippers, and etc.  I might have to hit the mall tomorrow.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 Wish List

My 2012 Wish List.

This year, I was able to get a few things off my list.  I was really suprised that I was able to get some things. 
  1. A brand new 17" HP Laptop
  2. A brand new HP Netbook
  3. I even bought a PC tablet from the ebay.  But it doesn't work as good as I expected it too.  So don't buy a PC tablet that pretends to be an Android and its not.
  4. I do have a bike but I bought that last year.
  5. We did moved into a 3br 2ba house.  But we are moving again before the end of this year.
  6. I did get a new phone and I did love the email features, so I could get instant notification.  But BoostMobile said I used my phones for conference calls and was suspended so now I'm using Virgin Mobile and the email features is not as good as BoostMobile.
  7. I did get four desks.  and I do love them.  two of them I bought from craigslist for $30 each and two of them Tracy bought them for $19.00 each from Forsyth, GA
So now my 2012 Wish List:
  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Dome Shelter using Metal conduits. (atleast I want to be able to build the frame)
  3. New b/w printer - that prints better and faster
  4. sharpen my blade for my book cutter
  5. Shelving Unit for books display (either built in or bookshelves from Rosas)
  6. Acrylic Magazine Holder - Display Books
  7. Postcards printed by Vista - 3 different kinds
  8. Buy more toner for CD printing -
  9. Update CD pages - add images of the ones I've designed already
  10. Queen size bed - 6 drawer dresser with legs (like a credenza)
  11. Over the door shoe organizer
  12. 49cc Scooter
  13. Work Chevy White Van
  14. Thermal Book binder
  15. Washing Machine & Dryer
  16. Heat Press
  17. Silk Screen Printing Kit - from ebay

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra - The Lawyer Housewives of Atlanta

I've been watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season.  and I had to watch it over because I could have sworn that Phaedra, the Lawyer told Sheree that she wasn't going to charge her.  But I wasn't quite sure.  So when Sheree decided to go for the childsupport, Phaedra told her that the retainment cost $5,000.00  I had to watch it again.  And Phadra did told Sheree that she wasn't going to charge her.  and not to worry because she has a Pitbull in her team!   LOL!  at the end of the day, Phaedra confirmed that Lawyers are Liars!!!

How she gonna buy a brand new Porsche
and then ask for childsupport.

How to fix Adobe Photoshop that refuses to load or start

I haven't been able to function since yesterday.  I'm lifeless without my Photoshop.  I tried everything.  I tried uninstalling and re-installing it.  that didn't work.  So I thought it might be a virus.  So i downloaded a FREE antivirus AVG.  Scan my computer for viruses and that didn't work.  Maybe its my internet temporary or history files.  I deleted them and that still didn't work.  So I even tried System Restore Point.  Restored my computer to two weeks ago, and that didn't work. 

Finally I google the subject and I found the website that freed me from headaches and pain.

Watch the video and I followed one technique from the forum above and it works.  My Photoshop is back in full motion. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Is there a GOD?

If there is god, why does he allows people to suffer?

Why does he allow children to be molested for 20 years and have children by their perpetrator?  like the Duggard, who was abducted at 11 years old, imprisoned in the monster's backyard and sexually repeated and even had two children by this monster.  If god is real, why does god allow for innocent children to go through such torture?

If God is real, why can't he just make all of evil dissipate into nothingness.  If he's the creator of the boundless universe and so on and so on.

If God is real why did he have to create the flood of Noah and kill everyone in the earth in those days and times.  That means that god drowned all of the animals, children, and old women.  If god is so merciful why does he kills people?

Why is the god of the universe, the omnipresent, omniscience, and all knowing and loving god is a JEALOUS GOD?

Why does god feels like he has to make a deal with the devil?  as in case of Job.

Why is the devil have the ability to be in the presence of god?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to get FREE internet service.

I love technology.  And technology is getting better everyday.  My friend told me about this service she have that allows her to access the internet at high speed at no charge.  Its called PDAnet  or what many calls  

How does it works?
First of all you're going to need a cell phone with Android app.  Download the software for a low one time fee.  Then connect your computer to your cell phone via USB

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