Friday, August 27, 2010

Boost Mobile vs. Virgin Mobile

I've been seeing their TV commercials and remembered seeing their ad on Yahoo's homepage.  So today I finally had a chance to google this new $25.00 plan Virgin Mobile advertisement.  Oh My Gosh!! I love it.  I don't know where to start.  Let's begin with their phone plans.

I don't know any other cell phone company that offers the $25.00 per month for unlimited text, email, data, & web, plus 300 minutes of talk time.  Perfect for a teenager or perfect for my 20 year old daughter who's in college and without a job!  It's actually perfect for me also. 

Although I'm currently happy with Boost Mobile right now.  But I haven't been happy with their ugly phones.  So I continued to browse VirginMobile website and there it is.

LG Rumor Touch.  It's everything I want in a phone.  It's still a bit expensive but not as expensive as its competitors when it comes to the size of the screen, touch screen, full qwerty keyboard, and camera.  Easy access to social networks but most of all it has goggle maps and turn by turn.  I'll never get lost again.  Not that you can get lost in Macon.  But anyway I love it!  and I want one.

Finally, the cherry on top.

the MIFI 2200 Mobile Hotspots.  You can connect up to 5 Wi-fi enabled devices to this sucka for unlimited internet connections for only $40 per month.  No contract!

Virgin Mobile just won my heart!

Aside from your netbook or laptop and digital camera... this is all what a traveling technie needs on the go and stay connected.  I think Virgin Mobile is gonna get some of my dollars cause I have to have all three of the above items.

Make free calls from your Gmail account

I just installed the CALL PHONE App on my Gmail account.  And it works!  You can call anyone in the US and Canada for FREE!  I love Google!  First they let us search the world wide web.  and then offer us Google Adsense so I can make money while blogging and now they said FUDGE ALL OF YOU HIGH PAYING BEHIND CELL PHONE COMPANIES... WE ARE GOING TO OFFER FREE PHONE CALLS through Gmail Account.  What else are they going to do next.... end world hunger?  or create world peace?  I love google.  I love google.  Especially because I can't afford to pay my cell phone bill this month.  But I still truly love BoostMobile for offering unlimited everything with no contract!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love Google Adsense Program

I love Google Adsense Program.  It is the bomb!  I just got paid again today!  Yeah... that takes care of a couple of bills. 

For all of you who are interested in earning incentives from Google Adsense, here are some pointers:
  1. Never! Ever! click on your own ads.  Trust me!  Dont' Do It!  It might be tempting enough and if you think you are going to get away with it, well... guest what?  You ain't.  and its very likely that you'll get kicked out of the program for good.  and trust me, you don't want that.. because it is very hard to get back in.  Nearly imposible.
  2. Don't use tricks like creating a stupid ads on craigslist to drive hits to your site.  You'll also get kicked out for that! 
  3. Take your time to read the do's and don't of Google Adsense Program.  You'll thank me later.
  4. and don't just put ads on your site or blog... make sure its appealing and doesn't look like ADVERTISEMENT CENTRAL.  Your visitors won't stay long enough to get that CPM credit.  
Anyway anymore tricks and tips email me at 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fresh Berries to brighten up your day.

Went to Kroger today to grab some noodles for the girls and the strawberries and blueberries guarding the entrance to supermarket caught my eyes.  Luckily I caught the Kroger employee refreshing the inventory.  So I grabbed a pack of Strawberries and a pack of blueberries.  I'm usually disappointed with Kroger's lack of freshness in their fruit but today was an exception.  They were both fresh and delicious.  After pouring some water on them in the parking lot, I decided to treat my self for a treat of these summer berries.  and Oh Boy! they were sweet and perfectly ripen.



Sunday, August 8, 2010

Walmart Shoppers

Oh wow that's neat, JanSport came out with a new flesh colored fanny-pack!wait, wait a minute,hold on, that can't be,is it really?.OH MY DEAR GOD! Someone come and stab me in the neck so I'm distracted from this pain! 

Do you REALLY think you are going to be needing those condoms there playboy? Unless you plan on practicing for the big game with a toilet paper roll and some lunch meat, I recommend that you put it back on the shelf. 

Well the good news is that we were able to crown our top mother from Mother's Day! Congratulations? 

Oh damn, Santa is workin it! 

OH COME ON! How hard could it possibly be to cover your ass? The purpose of suspenders is to keep your pants up above your waist, yet somehow you have managed to fail at that simple task, while at the same time, just our luck, the backup safeguard of your shirt fails to stay down and protect us. Thanks buddy! 

He was recently diagnosed with Pee Wee Herman Syndrome. Basically your kids are distracted by him and yet you still have a sneaking suspicion not to let them watch, but for some reason you let them anyway. 

Hey hog molly, they don't make tube-bottoms for a reason. Knock it off. 

Ow, she's a brick (da-na-na-na) HOUSE. She's mighty mighty, just lettin it all hang out. 

Well obviously the front basket is full so she couldn't ride E.T. style which doesn't leave her many other unsafe transportation options.

Walmart Shoppers

I don't even know why you are bothering looking at bikinis because I don't think you could look any sexier. If I were you I'd be over in the jewelery section picking out bellybutton rings if you really want to make it pop, ya know! 

Put 'em on wheels!!!! This is going to revolutionize breast feeding on the go. Multi-tasking has never been so easy! This is ingenious. (If you are dumb enough to agree with me and would like to invest in this new idea please feel free to send gross amounts of money directly to us). 

Ummm, I think you might need something more than the pine tree air freshener. It's a start, not where I would have started, but it's a start. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you think his level of giving a f*** what you think is? What I'm feeling right now is straight jealousy for that dude. 

Do you think her and the rest of the music hating Blue Meanies are gearing up for another attack on the Yellow Submarine? 

How does one manage to make it look like they tucked their ass into their pants like a shirt? 

I am so disappointed in our entire human race right now. I'm angry at each and every one of you that we have gotten to this point as a species. I wish I could put literally every person in a timeout right now. 

You figure the needle would have popped something, right? 

Walmart Shoppers

I'm hardcore 'til the end, you can't pretend, granny's rap scares you so bad you fill up your Depends. 

After spending time on our website apparently some people have decided they need a little extra help to get through their Walmart shopping experience. 

I think this guy REALLY likes wedgies 

Does something need licked? I heard there was something here that needed licked. Come on, what needs a good licking? Did you notice the purse? 

Yeah sure, let's go ahead and show off the fact that you stole Mrs. Clause's negligee. 

Receiving one picture of skunk hair color is enough to make you go. Really?!?! But getting two of them is enough to make you stick your head through a wall in disbelief. 

Didn't you read that book? He wouldn't get into you after 2 bottles of tequila and 6 hits of ecstasy! 

I like it 3 houses down with someone else. 

Beware Walmart Shoppers

He looks like the loneliest person to ever wear that shirt.

It's never a good thing when your wedgie has a wedgie. Somebody go get the jaws of life and we'll see what we can do to help.

Hahahaha! Hahahahaa! Hahahaha! It's funny cause it's gross

You are all that is EPIC! I want you to rent yourself out so much it hurts. I would hire you to just show up at any special event and just stand there exactly like this, rocking it out. Birthdays, Barmitzvah, company meetings, Christmas, you name it, it would rock. In fact just go ahead and pencil in the next wedding i attend, cause your officially my +1. 

Answer me this: How does a short jean jacket NOT go with pink capri pants? 

Who wears them better? The answer comes down to whether you prefer a ponytail or some nipple action. 

We would like to go ahead and apologize to all the men out there who will now not be able to have erection for the next 2 weeks..our bad 

Well, it's a good thing you put that hoodie on, because without it you might have been a tad underdressed. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things aren't as bad as it seems.

Sometimes when life seems to be pulling you back, it isn't so bad.  The Most High always gives you a way out of sticky situations.  It's not as bad as it seems.  Don't stress yourself out.  Just open yourself up to good and positive things that the universe has to offer.

Like one wise man once told me "Except the good and bad of what life has to offer."  because in every situation there's a lesson learnt.  and learn from that situation and keep going.

Besides how can you appreciate the good things, if you've never experience the bad.  Right?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Understanding Mind Power

I'm beginning to understand about the phrase "be careful for what you wish for" or when they say "if a man thinkedth it, so shall it be".   Physicist are now beginning to find out that everything in this universe vibrates.  And everything contains some sort of energy.  Including thoughts, they say.   Even the great mystics of our time and before, all agreed to power of the mind.  And only a few have been able to cultivate this energy.

So by simply thinking about things, helps to manifest it.  If you think, you can, then you can.  If you think you can't,  then you can't.

Now that I looked back in the past, everything I've experiencing is only because I thought of it first.  and then it manifested or manifesting.  I suddenly realize that I think too much of people and not myself.  I'm always thinking better (or worst) for people but never for myself.  But everything I've always wanted or wanted to do, I have done or doing.

I guess its time to think on something else.  Something more grand and much more memorable.  I guess all human beings need to think something positive for our future.  Because it seems that our world is falling apart. Or maybe the news needs to also focus on the good things in life.

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