Friday, August 30, 2013

More $3 tops at Walmart.

Found these $3 tank tops at Walmart and grabbed them for my daughter.  Just something for her to wear around the house or so.  As new season comes in, retailers are making room for new inventory.  So that means, this is the perfect time to shop for good deals.

Kroger on tom hill sr blvd - deli review

So a friend just moved in the neighborhood and we wanted to grab lunch after getting our nails done on Tom Hill Sr. Blvd.  I suggested to go across the street to Panera Bread Restaurant but my friend wanted to show off the deli inside Kroger.  I must admit this Kroger far exceeded my expectations.  They have a soup and salad bar.  And friend's favorite is the cheese and olive section.  We ordered your typical one entry and two side dish.   To my excitement, I wasn't paying attention to the service at first.  But I did notice how we had to wait for our food for so long and how slow the server was.  Maybe she was tired and nearing her clock out.  So I dismissed that.  But what I couldn't dismissed, was the food, was serve cold and seemed like it has been seating dry for so long.  I was really disappointed when I took a bite of the so called chicken tenders, they tasted like they just left the fridge.  That's how cold the meat was.  I'm not the one to complain.  but my friend did.  

So the server, offered to please us by giving us both fresh and hot chicken tenders. But what really made my day, surprisingly good, was the free chicken salad they gave us.   I should have ordered this instead.  The chicken salad had grapes in it and it was deliciously made.  So Kroger did made up for my bad lunch experience.  But I don't think I'll eat there for lunch again, but I will definitely buy more of their chicken salad.

hot chicken fingers

So on my way out, I did grab a bag of apples for less than $5 bucks
which my daughter loves to snack on.

More $3 blouses at Walmart

I'm always looking for a good deal.  And sometimes, you don't have to go to thrift stores or second hand stores.  You can actually find better deal at your nearest Walmart.  So summer is nearing its end and fall is right around the corner.  And that means that a lot of out-of-season clothes will be mark down and it's the best time to go shopping.  Check out Walmart prices on every day clothes, $2, $3 and $5 deals.  

I call them the Martha Stewart Blouses.  The perfect casual top you can wear for gardening, or running errands.

So you know I had to grab a few of them.  At this great deal, I couldn't afford to pass up.

Yes, even this Hawaiian wanna be blouse, I did grab.

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