Friday, April 9, 2010

Fundraising Ideas for Elementary School

Fundraising ideas for Elementary School. I thought this was a great idea. The school staff took their own photos of their students.  Emailed them to me in JPEG format and asked me to create them a fundraising photos thats economical and cost effective.  I came up with 11x17 Student Group Shots.  But since they couldn't get all the students at the same time in one location.  They took several shots and I just placed them all in one page.

Added the principal's photo, school logo and a the school mission statement and wala!!! you get a masterpiece.  If you're interested in having something similar like this for your school give me a call at (478) 338-0558 or visit me on my site at

This single sheet School Portraits can be printed at a low cost at your local printer on glossy paper for less than $1 and sell to Parents for $5 to $10 per copy.  and that is genius fund raising idea!

I designed the layout above, so if your school could use this fundraising idea and in need help with your graphics, I can provide quality design as you can see above and fast turn around.  This project  only took one day for the design.  Give me a call (478) 338-0558 for more info. 

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