Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finally a New Netbook

My new HP Mini 110 Netbook

Man, this netbook been on my list like forever.  I really couldn't afford to get it this month, but I really really wanted it and needed it for a back up, just in case my old HP Laptop gives up on me.  I am very happy with it.  It just came with a battery and a charger. 

Question:  How the battery life?
Answer:  Well I tried charging it to the fullest before I headed out today.  But to my excitement, its not fully charged.  Right now, I'm running on battery, blogging inside McDonald in Macon and battery states 82% and 3hours and 41 minutes remaining.  Not bad.  That's one of the reason why I chose a netbook. 

Question:  Was it your first choice?
Answer:  YES, I was actually very specific on what type of netbook I wanted.  Because I am really impressed with my HP Pavilion Laptop, I staying with this brand.  Although, I was going to purchase the Acer Netbook due to a lower price, I think it was $20 or $40 less.  But I decided quality might be ideal and I wouldn't want to regret my purchase later and have to wonder what would it be like with this HP Mini. 

Question:  How much did it cost?
Answer:  $248.00 and ofcourse charged me tax extra $14.94 and shipping and handling for $.97 cents.  Not bad for shipping.  And the shipping arrived pretty quickly.  Ordered it Friday and arrived today on Wednesday.

Question:  What's the main reason for choosing a netbook vs a laptop?
Answer:  Compact size.  Perfect for blogging and staying connected online.  I'm an advent blogger and I love the portability and the battery life.  And it course its a few hundred dollars cheapter than a laptop.   Because of its large hardrive space of over 200GB thats plenty of virtual space to house all of my PDFs, Audio and Video files.  and I really love the edge to edge full size keyboard, webcam, mic, 3 USB slot and multiple camera card reader. 

My video review of my new HP Mini Netbook 110

Sitting at American Deli for lunch with my new HP Mini Netbook 110

USB slot, head phone jac/mic slot, peripherals to plug in a projector or a larger monitor.

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