Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag, A Great Companion

Ever since I bought my Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag, everyday errands have it easier to manage.  I'm using it, two to three times a week to walk to the grocery store.  Thanks to my Whitmor Rolling Utility Bag, no more carrying heavy grocery bags and can even buy more with one trips.  It's has been really a big help to me. 

And today, I'm carrying two loads loads of laundry to wash at my neighborhood's laundry mat.  My washing machine wont' work right sometimes.  And I really need something to wear for the following week.  I load it up with my clothes, detergent, netbook, muffin and soda and off to walk to the laundry mat.  Now I only wish I would have found out about this bag years ago.  It really would have made a big difference in my everyday living and less sore back and shoulder. 

I recommend this bag for anyone who doesn't have a car to get around and have things to carry.

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