Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visiting ate Rowena and Laveth

It has been so many years since I seen my little cousin Laveth.  I was once so close and apart of their life.  The last time I really remember being with them was when her mother Rowena only had her as a baby and now I don't even know how many children she have.  So far I only met Laveth.   Life has a way of separating family members.  But end up on the same table anyway.  

from left to right:  Laveth, Me, Leland, Hilda and Jamie

Nola wasn't in this picture cause she had to work today.

Our next generation.

I love my sister Hilda.

constantly on her phone.

Mommy always spends money when we come to Jax.  She paid for everybody's meal.

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