Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pistachio are good for your eyes

Went to Walmart today and was looking for my snack, The Great Value Tropical Trailmix for $4.99.  They are usually located at the front close to check out aisle.  But I haven't been seeing them lately.  So off I go to the snack aisle.  After passing, the chips, cookies, and popcorn, there's the trailmix and nuts area.  But no Tropical Trail Mix.  So Idecided to grab a bag of Pistachio instead.  I had to pay more than $4.99 for them.  But they are worth it.  Because at the convenient store, you don't even get a handful for your dollar.  Besides, I knew Jamie would love them.

When I got home and started snacking on them, I google the health benefits of Pistachio.  Come to find out that they are good for your eyes and heart.  The labels states they are high in so many vitamins and minerals.  So that was a plus for today.

Anyway here are my photos of pistachio.

Love my Sony-Cyber shot 7.2 megapixels camera.  It takes beautiful pictures

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