Saturday, May 21, 2011

Great Shelving Unit from Walmart

I wanted a shelving unit for my home office to house all of my desktop printers, office supplies and other stuff.  I decided to try these plastic bookshelves from Walmart.  After reading the reviews from,  I bought one.  They are suppose to be heavy duty plastic shelving units.  and I needed a shelving unit that will house my Epson Stylus Photo 1400 printer, which prints poster size paper.  So I needed the shelving unit to have a longer width to house this particular printer.  I am very impressed with the shelving unit that I purchase two more.  My mistake was not knowing that they can actually connect together to form one piece.  I didn't know that 'till my daughter noticed.  But anyway below are pictures.  and they are only $19.00 or so.

I quickly filled up my 5 tier shelving units with office supplies, tools and printers.  If I would have known sooner, I would have connected them to end up just one piece.  So they wouldn't wobble.  But trust me, they are very hefty and can hold stuff.  

As you can see my  5 tier shelving unit from Walmart, holds plenty of my stuff.  7 printers, two YourStory book binding laminating machine,  6 hot pink stackable storage boxes, and whole lots of stuff.  It was a good decision to get these low budget shelving unit from Walmart. 

I added a small one drawer desk in front of my bookshelves for easy access to the printers, I often uses.

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