Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life List

One of my blog readers had a page specifically for her life list.  I was inspired to create my own. I guessed as I remember things, I will update this page.
  1. Lived with my auntie Deli and her family at their farm house at a young age of 9 or 10 during a summer.
  2. Lost my brother Dave in our trip to Manila in Philippines and I had to chase down a bus to find to him. 
  3. I swam in a swimming in Bangio Phillipines filled with water from a water falls.
  4. Almost drowned in a swimming pool in Manilla Philippines that was only 3 feet deep.
  5. Got stranded and lost in Chicago airport.
  6. Won a turkey on a dance tournament in Piccadilly
  7. Won a trophy for artist of the year in high school.
  8. Had a 9lb. 19 in. baby girl at the age of 17 years old.
  9. Worked for Dr. York for several years.
  10. Published my own books "Houses of Worship" and a "Nuwaubian Memoir".
  11. Been homeless and stayed in a homeless shelter.
  12. Slept in my car.
  13. Fell in love.
  14. Owned and Operated a magazine.
  15. saved my cousin Rowena from drowning in a swimming pool.
  16. Beat up a boy with a baseball bat in school.  Come to find he was just teasing me cause he liked me.
  17. Been on a cover of a newspaper twice. 
  18. Studied WinChung Kungfu
  19. Met William Chueng a Wing Chung GrandMaster and student of Yip Man.
  20. Went to jail for beating up three girls who jumped me.
  21. Been on probation.
  22. Experienced a man on a bicycle getting hit with an 18 wheeler truck.
  23. I am photographer, graphic artist/website designer, beaded jewelry designer, painter, seamstress.
  24. I lived with two pitbulls

still working on the rest.

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