Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Office Depot legal size paper compares to Target

Because I consider myself a small business owner, I tend to shop at my local Office Depot or Staple retail store for my office supply needs.  I needed some legal size paper today.  I was disturb by their prices.  I couldn't believe their legal size paper cost $13.49 and that was their cheapest.  I recalled last week while I was at Target that their legal size paper only cost $6.49.  So I decided to drive their and be sure before I purchase a couple stack of this expensive as* paper.  And sure enough, Target legal 500 sheet paper is only $6.49.  I bought two pack, is like buying one at Office Depot.  I hope Office Depot will pay more attention to Walmart and these other retailers around them for their prices, so they wouldn't loose any customer.  And speaking of that, while I was at Target I also bought some computer speakers (wired) for about $11 bucks.  Something that I use to be able to find at Office Depot also, but now can't.  I hope they make some changes soon or they will be putting a new sign in front of their building "Going out of Business" sign. 

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