Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another day at Panera Bread

If there was a restaurant, it would have to be Panera, my favorite.  Because I can sit here have a good healthy meal or coffee and sweets and free wifi to connect to the internet.  This is the life of a blogger.  Always looking for a place to sit down, stuff your face with foodies and be able to blog at the same time.  Ofcourse all techies that come to this place always knows where all the plugs are at and they are first come first serve.  and Oh boy! you'll run out of battery life before they get up from their spot.  Luckily on weekdays Panera have a time limit for their FREE wife during the peek of lunch hours.  and all the blogger arrive afterwards.  But it is very rare now that I get the spot where the plugs are.  But thank goodness my New HP laptop can last over an hour which is more than enough time to blog about something and do a little bit of work before i get bored and get out of here.

What I always choose is the Pick for Two".  You pick a half of sandwich (any sandwich, with soup, your choice of apple or chips.  But the drink I paid seperately.  But my girl always hook me up when she's here and give me my free drink. 

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