Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mobile Office

Aside from my 17" HP laptop and my sonny digital camera,  This is how the inside of my messenger bag looks like. 

Saw an article once on time magazine on how a woman ran a multi million dollar business right off her backpack and it reminded me of my bag.  But in my case I carry an additional bag because of my 15" HP laptop. 

As a graphic designer, it's essential to have a back-up computer just incase.  In mycase, I just can't let my old HP laptop go because it has windows XP and some of my software only runs on Windows XP.  Till I can afford to purchase the updated versions, I'm stuck on carrying two bags.  And its really getting heavy.  Anyway here's my listing of the above picture:
1.  HP 17" Laptop
2.  Laptop cooler - although it can run with just the power from your laptop via the usb cable, I also lugg with me the power supply for the cooler.
3.  Extra Battery for my laptop
4.  Boost Cell Phone - $50 monthly plan without contract - who can't live with that. - plus my power adapter
5.  PSP - Not only it plays movies, music,  It also allows me to get online via wifi and my skype works on it. 

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