Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mini Magic Jack Phone

Bought the magic Jack phone for $39.99 which included a one year service and phone number with all the bells and whistles of caller id and call forwarding and all that stuff.  But I'm a traveling techie.  I really do want the $19.95 annual fee for magic jack phone service and the caller id and call forwarding and voicemail.  For $19.95 thats not bad.  But as I said before I'm a traveling techie and I was traveling with my cordless home phone with my magic jack. I elimited carrying my home phone with me by purchasing this little gadget from Ebay.  Its called Mini Hands Free Magic Jack Phone.  It's that blue thing, about the same size as my magic Jack.  I love it.  So far so good... I will let you guys know later if it gives me any problem.  Its a lot better than carrying your home phone with you everywhere.  This gadget takes up a small space and theres no need to plug it to an outlet for power.  Just hook it up to your magic jack and BAMM!  You're on service.

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