Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flash Drive replaces Floppy Disk and Hard Diskette

Whether you call 'em Flash Drive or USB Disk, they are the mainstream way to hold your data.  I remember the 5 inch floppy disk in high school.  And back in the late 90's I worked hardiskettes or hardisk. They called 'em hardisk because compare to their 5 inch siz predecessor these are 3.5 inch hardisk and you can save more.  They held approximately 1.4 MB. 

Nowadays you can purchase a 2GB or 8GB USB disk or flash drive for $10 to $20 bucks.  They are getting cheaper.  But they are still quite expensive.  But because of their affordability and user friendly attitude they are definitely the storage device use by the masses in this day and time.  That's probably why I carry so many of them.  I use them as back for my most valuable projects. 

One contains my church book, the other my memoir, the square one storage for other stuff. and the red one I use most to transfer stuff from one computer to the next. the blue one I let my daughter hold sometimes.  Even though I bought her self one.

But as for the traveling techie, You got to have a portable hardrive like this one.  Just a bit bigger than my wireless mouse, light weight, and no need to plug it to an outlet.  Just plug it to your USB slot and your're in business.  This can hold up to 350GB and it cost me about $60 - $65 bucks.  Not bad.

I bought this plastic make-up bag to contain all of my flash drive and other small gadgets.  I love it cause its see-thru. 

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