Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christian Pastor wants to burn the Quran on 9/11/2010

Pastor Terry Jones, the Devil himself

If anybody ever wanted to meet the Devil himself, well here's your chance.  He is Pastor Terry Jones.  This man nerve's is made out of hell, literally.  This is exactly what religions do to people, it creates super idiots like this disgraceful old white man, who is replace Bush as "The America's Shame".  

He doesn't give a shit of the consequences his actions will cause as a whole.  This is why countries goes to war because some idiot like this white devil gets all the publicity stunt.  and He's in Gainesville, FL.  and the town actually allows him to do so.  Shouldn't this be labeled as a hate crime.  See... this is when the Mujahuds comes out of the closets.  But let's pray that they do don't what this man is begging for, bloodshed.  Let's pray to the MOST HIGH that this too will pass without violence.  

and I hope the Muslims of this world will truly represent themselves as peaceful people and put this man or demon to shame by not responding with negativity or violence. 

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