Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to make it in this tough economy

I just left the homepage of and there's an article on the homepage that caught my eye.  The article is about the jobless Americans and how this economy is taking a toll on many people. 

Here's my tips on how to make it in this tough economy.  Number one, you're gonna have to give up a few things.  But this is what I have done to stay afloat.  My lifestyle is very froogle.  Not by choice but by my way of life.  I use to have a full time job, as a graphic artist working for a local tabloid newspaper in town.  But my life was turned upside down when I lost my job.  I lost my apartment, car and basically my daughter and I had it rough for some time and still do but we are doing much better these days.  I learned how to live froogle lifestyle and have been living like this for a few years.  Anyway here are the tips:

I relocated and rented a house near where everything I need is walking distance.  My rent is currently $425 per month.  and I live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath southern Victorian style house.  and I really do appreciate the large space.  Grocery store, post office, and even some clients of mine are walking distance. 

I don't own a car.  So there's no car note, insurance payments, gas, and maintenance.  That's plenty of savings there.  Instead I opt for a bicycle, with basket on the front and rear rack on the back and planning on purchasing some panniers.

I also bought a personal cart for grocery shopping.  But the possibilities of use with this cart is endless.  I just use it for now for grocery shopping.  I drink plenty of water and buy gallons of water often and if you ever had to carry grocery  home, you know what I went through.  But thank goodness for who offers this cart for $19.00 and free shipping. 

I started blogging and earning money by placing google adsense on my blogs.  Its not much but it helps, it supplement my income.

I started selling stuff on ebay.  and now I'm currently averaging over $1000 per month on sales.  That's why it was important for me to be close to the post office.  Because I often drop off packages. 

I don't own a contract phone.  Instead I have Boost Mobile unlimited monthly plan.  $50.00 unlimited talk, text, and data.  My phone is not a smart phone, but it does takes pictures and checks all my 3 emails for new mails and notifies me, which is very convenient, I can quickly find out if I sold an item online. 

I don't have cable, or home phone.  My cell phone is fine.  and the internet keeps me update on what is going on in the rest of the world.  So I don't have cable.  Every now and then, I rent movies from REDBOX. 

I use the Virgin Mobile MIFI, for internet access.  Its $40 per month.  Unlimited data plan.  so they say but they slow your speed when you reaches 5000 MB or 5GB of data.  So I go to my nearest hotspot or wifi and watch my favorite show on my laptop and treat myself to a mocha cappuccino. 

I changed all of my lightbulbs for energy efficient ones.  So if I was using 100kw and I replaced it with 14kw.  Saves me money on my electric bill. 

I use an toaster oven instead of the stove when making cookies, biscuits, pot pies and other bake goods.  I save over 70% on electricity when using a toaster oven.  and did I mentioned that my toaster oven can fit a 12 inch pizza?  Yes, it does.  and I use a crock-pot to make huge meals that last me days and save money on groceries.

I don't buy new furniture.  I buy used furniture from and used furniture warehouse.  Save big money.

I don't use my dryer.  Just my washer and hang clothes to dry.  Especially towels, sheets, and blankets.  Who cares if they have wrinkles.  and my washer and dryer was purchased used.  So I save big on that.

What I don't cheat on, is my vegetable and water.  Since I don't currently have health insurance.  I make sure I eat plenty of vegetables, like fresh green beans, asparagus, and broccoli.  I am trying to live a lifestyle of prevention so I don't have to spend so much money on doctors and hospital bills.  I walk everywhere so I get my exercise.  I take care of my teeth and I try not to use so much chemicals. 

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