Friday, July 29, 2011

Toot is getting Better

Jamie took some pictures of Toot recently.  and I wanted to post them to show that she is getting better.  She literally lost all her facial hair and began loosing her body hair.  But her health took a better turn.  and she seems to be getting better.  I make sure she eats plenty and have plenty of fresh water daily.  I also gets her treat so it keeps her appetite rolling.  I try everything to keep her mange under control but her neck seems to be getting pink sometimes.  I rubbed it with Tea Tree Oil, sometimes Apple Cider Vinegar and bath her once a week.  I threw her big teddy bear that she likes so much, because I think its just loaded with fleas and mange micro bacteria. 

She's began a new habits, chewing on wood furniture and sleeping on my bed.  I think she got the sleeping on my bed from her sister Roxy.  Roxy thinks my bed is hers and you can't tell her otherwise.  But she is just so sweet so I let her get away with it.

I'm so happy to see her black and white face instead of her gray face.

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