Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rocket Stove, the most efficient way to cook outdoors

I read on the news online about these guys that created a non profit organization to give families in the third world countries these rocket stove.  And since I never heard of them, I decided to research about these rocket stove.  I looked on ebay and found these two types of rocket stove for sale for over $100.

The first I clicked on is selling for $125.00 and made out entirely on steel.  The only thing I don't like is, it says that you have to poor the ashes out per every meal you cook or for every two hours.  What if you want to use it as a camp fire.  I guess you have to keep pouring and re-starting the fire every two hours?  Anyway to get this rocket stove CLICK HERE  The seller also have a video link to hi rocket stove.  and I like that, watch below.

The other person selling another type of rocket stove is ebay user stovetec CLICK HERE to check out his stove.  and I think they are the two white men that are giving away 1000 stoves to family in the third world country.

The best one I like would have to be from   This site also teaches you how to make your own or purchase one for $45.00 and that included the shipping.

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