Saturday, October 29, 2011

Personal Shopping Cart

I bought a personal shopping cart from  It has four wheels and it folds for tucking it away easily and conviniently.  Today is the first day I'm using it to do laundry.  I usually use my Whitmor Rolling Utility cart that I also purchased from, but it can't carry the amount of loads I have to wash.  The only problem was, I had to quickly cut up some fabric to create a bag to fit my rolling cart so I wouldn't have to use plastic bags for my laundry. 

I am really happy how easily it is to pull and the large wheels makes it easy to go through some rough roads like, gravel and grass.  On top of that I was able to carry over 3 loads of clothes to fit in 3 triple load machines.  So I'm washing my towels, sheets, throw blankets and my personal dirty clothes.  Amazing! 

This personal shopping cart really helps me alot.  So what are you waiting for, help make your life easier by purchasing one of these at

That's my cart.  I did removed the bag that I made for it to wash it also.  and guess what?  this picture was taken with my new HP Mini Netbook. 

Loving Life!!!

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