Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gimp the Free Image Editing software

I just bought an HP Netbook 110.  I use it for surfing the net, listen to music, watch videos, and store some of my PDF documents and photos,  but most of all I use it to blog.  But I ran into a problem, because of the time, when I post a blog, I like to include an image I've taken with my digital camera.  and what I found out is, it takes forever to uplaod a raw image from your digital camera.  Although my Sony cybershot only taks 7.2 mega pixels, most digital camera now a days are taking double digits image pixels, like 10 and up, and those images are too big to upload which takes time to upload to your blog, specially when using more than couple of images. 

My HP Laptop have Adobe Photoshop CS.  I have been using Adobe Photoshp since the 3.0 version, which is over 12 years ago.  So I am very accustom to using Adobe Photoshop.  But I wanted to install an image editting software to my netbook, that simply allows me to change the image so my image file wouldn't bee to heavy to upload to my blog.  And a quick search on google, I landed on a GIMP.  GIMP is a free image editting software.  I quickly turned to YouTube to see its credentials.  and OMG I am sold.  and I quickly downloaded this FREE software and it works for my needs so far.  I can resize and regress the resolution of my images and upload them quickly and fast now to my blog.  Thanks GIMP.

To dowload GIMP for Windows click here

There are plenty of  video tutorials on YouTube

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